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More agree GIS than I think anyone even really realize now don't even know if you could put that on the devs we've known for a while. Now that there's pressure from the top publisher to incorporate loop back onto the game. You're already doing now don't get me wrong battlefront. We are no about that. Right. Right. But when it comes to the other IP's and other games fee. I know exactly. So it's it's more of like just EA. They should just say EA. They said, okay. You know, what that's the thing though, is that I think is probably gonna end up making the list every year. Dude, EA spawned the biggest talking point of twenty five and made governments get involved with video games for the first time in fifteen years. You might even say the biggest talking gaming in a decade. Yeah. That's pretty impressive. Rockstar games with their crunch time issues. See, okay, you can't necessarily call it a bonehead move when the entire industry. Yeah. You can't please rockstar. Yeah. I think Dan Houser for actually coming out and talking about this. Because I do think that this is a subject that is worth talking about crunch time is real it affects almost every video game developer. And I it is in some people's mind necessary to be able to meet the expectations of gamers. Yes. And. I see where they're coming from. I understand that because we are fickle bunch. We will circle the wagons and gang up look at fallout seventy six man, we're gonna be talking about that in bed. I had a feeling we don't you worry? We'll be talking about that. But you're right. It is kind of a decision has to be made us time. Do you want? Is it going to be acceptable for a developer to say? Sorry. We're pushing the game back a year because it's not done if when it comes out. It's good. Yes. Yes..

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