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So if there is a statue for George Wallace, do we take it down? Do we leave it up? I'm not sure how many things are named after him of any in Alabama. But History's complicated There's a Confederate general named William Mahone. He was one of General Lee's most able commanders. He owned slaves before the Civil War. But after the war Became a leader of what was called the re adjust her party. It was an interracial political alliance in the post Emancipation South. In 18 81 Mahone was elected to Senate At the time, he will split 37 37 between Republicans and Democrats, but he aligned with Republicans. A party that we found in two decades earlier by northerners. Who wanted to stop the expansion of slavery. From 18 79 to 18 83. His readjusted party dominated Virginia. With the governor to re adjusters in the Senate readjusted, representing six of the 10 districts. Re gestures establish what became the Virginia State University that was the first state supported college to train black teachers. Democrats hated them. Referred to them as advocates of black domination into quote. History's complicated.

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