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Stayed in Buffalo four weeks. So I did explore that region a little bit and the finger lakes area itself is gorgeous. Oh yeah, yeah, no, it's definitely nice done. It's quite rural. And during the summer, I'm not a big fan during the winter and obviously the only run from April through November. But yeah, yeah, it's pretty country over there. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, it's a nice small track. I have no complaints with it. David Harris, joining us here on the program. So let's talk a little bit about NHC. You mentioned having gone out there a couple of times before and we had Dale day on right after the tournament just because I know Dale and he was at the final table there and it was his first time out there and it is I've been out there as just a doing the show and kind of as a media person and I can see how it would be extremely intimidating and every time a 20 to one shot wins somebody screaming so you know somebody hit like there's to me there's a lot of mental games I think I've got to go through your head during that tournament. How did the first day for you go this year? Okay, the first day it's funny because I had some notes planned out. I was supposed to do Steve big show and then he had this power failure. So I had a bunch of notes and I was just replaying it in my head how it was going. And to be honest with you, I was taken an over through most of Friday. It was not until the 8th race at aqueduct. So I'm looking I did a time kind of a time capsule here. So I'm looking at my notes. I had an offer going into that 8th race. So now again, we're talking about Eastern Time, so there's plenty of available optionals. I think I went over three or four on the mandatory is probably another O four two or three. But it was starting to concern me because it was like replay of the prior two attempts at the NHC. So I'm like, okay, but basically I didn't lose my focus. And at one, basically once you're to that point and taking an offer, you've got to start considering looking at some prices because the goal is the first day to have Michael was to have about between 50 and $80. Because then you don't have to change your mindset and your play is going into day two. So what happened is that the 8th race and aqueduct, so it goes off at three 50. So until three 50 eastern. I wasn't taking I was taking an offer. And the 8th race and afterwards, I believe it was it was an optional claimer an allowance race, a sprint, and speed was doing well at the big a that day. And as you know, winter, insight speed can be king and it can be such a bias that once you get on the front end, you can't be caught. There's a horse running with scissors who came off those second race off a layoff and a layoff race, which was probably a month before or 6 weeks before. It was awful. It was in the slop, which I don't think that horse likes. And it finished I either 7th 8th, which might have been last at the time I don't have the form in front of me. And I started looking at the board, I'm like, you know, this horse is 8, 9, ten to one, and if this horse, this horse on a dry track, can run a much better buyer number than the highest numbers were at aqueduct. And I'm like, he seems to be an overlay, and then he started drifting up to 12 actually 1301. That's when I pulled the trigger. And basically, you got out of the gate well, the other speed kind of took back a little bit and he coasted and that took me off. That was $39 combined wind place. So yeah, yeah, I started off slow and then I basically right after that, I hit the 8th race at Gulfstream, a mandatory with a 5 to two shot. Then the 8th race at Oak Lawn, a 20 cap horse who finished second that was beaver hat, and right after that, 9th race at Gulfstream, una Luna, who paid 1580 combined and then I had another one, which I don't recall. So from three 50 where I was zero on the 640th place to 5 O 8, I had a bankroll of $93 and 7th place. So it was kind of a quick, quick hits at the end of the first day. So that's what kind of spurred me on to at least know, hey, listen. I had a real good first day. So it confidence level builds up. And then you can play like your normally play it these kind of tournaments. You know, you have to starting the day on Saturday. It was relaxed. You don't have to reach for crazy long shots, crazy horses. So yeah, that was the key. I had a good end of the day at late day on Friday. That catapulted me to the chance. Well, I mean, 'cause yeah, as you talk about game theory, I mean, obviously I think that comes into play at least at NHC probably a little bit more so as you get toward the end and day two, I think if I remember right, you were 14th at the end of day two, so you were very much in the hunt, but you were not in the final table. And that Sunday morning, the third round, I guess it is, the parrot down to the final table. It happens really fast. It's like two and a half hours or something, right? Well, yeah, I have to tell you also, Jason. And I realized that because I was there in August, so the one I might say, what year are we in that 2020? The August of 2021. So I was in there and I think that helped me also. I was there in August, and I don't recall because the last time I was at the NHC was 2018, and I forgot, Jason, how fast paced that Sunday card is that because I'm thinking I'm going to be consolation tournament. So that's what you always figured. Well, the console you always have the 90% chance you're going to be in it, right? And I struggled in August because it was so fast paced that I think I might have even missed the horse. And I'm like, wow, I said going forward, I've got to change that and make sure I have a better plan going into the console tournament. So now that Sunday morning I wake up and I'm like, well, listen, I have my plan. And I figured that Saturday evening, when I realized how what position I was in, and probably about 50 or 60 bucks away from the leader, I think it was David mccarty still at the time that, hey, I have a shot here. And so originally my goal was to get into to make the cut to be in the top 10%, 64. And hey, listen, if I could go to Vegas, get the free trip, and getting to Vegas, just getting there, even if you had a zero.

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