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But the, the tier three guys that you're gonna need to finish your roster. If you're a JJ, ready, for instance, and you don't really know LeBron like that. Or you know you don't really know AD but you're, you know, you're just chilling and you talking to your agent and you're done. What's going on over there and nothing's being filled with helping you get a better picture. There's nothing right. So that's what I'm talking about that layer that you need to put a stop to all she had to do was issue. A simple statement that says, Laker fans don't worry, you know, we're, we're, we're sad to see magic go. But we got this. Then I'm good. But instead, it's but crickets, it's very difficult is very difficult to issue. A statement when the germ spreaders are answering everything for you. But keenum mmediately though, aid mmediately from day one. Travis Travis Rodgers from day one when he stepped down. The press was rolling hills Egypt. He was just he was answering for them. So at that point, I, she say she's like just let them talk. That's they wanna do, but I know what we're doing. I get it. But see, that's the I'm with you right up until that last part. I get it people are gonna fill in the blanks immediately because that's what we do. Right. We feel we see something react to it. We speculate, we try to figure out what it is. We try to offer opinions on it, and I get her taking a minute. Hold on what the hell just happened. Hold on. But the longer she went without saying anything the longer she went with saying, nothing, the more opportunity. She gave for us to fill in the blank. The more opportunity to speculate. And again, I don't need her to say, well magic told me this rob told me this. Rob never went to see Batman. He never went into and says she doesn't need to go through it point by point by point, but just saying something, it's like the pilot coming on the intercom when the plane hits turbulence, if you don't if the plane's bouncing all over the sky, nobody saying anything like what the hell's going on? If the plane's bouncing all over the sky, come home. If the guy comes on and says, looked there's some rough air. We're fine don't sweat. It can everybody. You gotta let it settle down before you start acting up. You gotta let turbulence in India that you gotta let settle down. Then you come on so start happening. No, no. You got to just then you let everybody. Claimed the land. We're happy to say booklet, you see bills. We're expecting Serbia. Expected terminus. We already behind the eight ball, but how many times have you guys been in a plane, where all of a sudden, the planes to smooth sailing, right and boob councils around, and then it settles Dory? We're, we're an Inca. Oh, okay. It's pilot never came on the Lakers. Never settled. They ever sat right? Then when he finally settled, she spoke which was last night. It's finally a flight six months later. Oh, finally. He says, hey, you know that one. Smooth sailing now. Here's what happens. Here's what happens, you get me in front of the Mike. The first thing you start asking me about magic right, right? Then you're gonna ask me about the damn AD trait. Then you're gonna ask me how come they didn't work out there? You're gonna ask me who's running the you not giving you all it settled. Coming up next. Travis goes for Olympic gold in the butterfly Scott category on the morning show. Album number three. This is album. Number three, Tony, Tony tone album, never Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony tone. No. They say. Just told me. That's okay. I don't think I was a big Tony Tony Tony guy. No. I mean it's stayed. The whole kid play airtight kind of, you know..

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