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Suns Rockets Suns Hawks game has been postponed tonight. Sons didn't have enough players. Volunteer. I'll play like give you like 10 minutes. Two minutes. Cheat each court 2.5 minutes each quarter. I think I'm pretty good there. Yeah, pulling got a couple Good games that you'll love tonight. Mavericks hornets your horn. It's okay. You got next next. Songs carry. Mm Lakers Thunder Laker girls. Pelicans Clippers late night. That's good Americans. Clipper. Yeah, assuming Jared Goff gets the start for the Rams on Saturday, This will be just the seventh time that two quarterbacks who went to the same college Started against one another in the playoffs. You see if I can give you Ah Couple of these. They're tough. Couple of these air really tough. Um, first time it happened was 1971 divisional playoff game the can't City chiefs. Against the Miami Dolphins. Bob greasy. Len Dawson both went to Purdue. Nice try, Make love and get your well, you said by greasy I'm like, Oh, it's got to be produced. Okay. Ah, Let's see 1983 Conference Championship. Niners Redskins. Only thighs in Montana in order, Dame. Yeah. Then you have 1989 divisional playoff game. Cleveland against Buffalo. That's easy. Yeah, McLovin, That's Miami. Who are the quarterback? So it's got to be Cozaar Cleveland guess Miami Cozaar against Testa. Verity? No, no costar. Really? Yes. Kelly. Sorry. Maybe it wasn't that easy. Oh, I just got panicked. 1992, the Buffalo bills versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ooh! This one's missing stuff. Who is that? Uh, Tommy Maddox? No, she wants U. C L A The quarterbacks both went to you, Shall I? No, no. Uh, they went to Maryland. Oh, Frank Reich and Your toddler. I'm gonna go Todd there, all right? Mm. 1996 wild card itwas Philadelphia versus San Francisco. This sneaky good. Okay, 96. I could get this one, okay? Is this Rodney Peete. No, he went to USC. It's not him. No, it's no, It's not. Who is a quarterback and 96 for the Eagles. BYU Oh, Dever. Yeah. Tie dead murder. Steve Young. And then 2009 wildcard Cincinnati versus the New York Jets. This one's easy. Charlie Batch. Who's kidding. So Cincinnati 2009. Carson Palmer? Yeah, USC. Yeah. Who's easy Jets quarterback from USC. That's easy. We should know this. Yes. Yeah. Two to a F C title games. Mark Sanchez was around the 2009. Yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah. Sanchez might have gotten that one wrong. Oh, sorry, Mark. We should call it and see if we could get that off the top official. Mark, Listen to the show. Sorry, Mark. Just joking, Right? Uh, let's see Ryan in Honolulu. Hey, Ryan, Welcome back. Hello. And happy, Belated, Happy New Year's to Poli. I know he loved that. I got a couple of quick mark headlines so hard and you ready Yeah, And by the way, Poli hates that. Uh, maybe Ryan's okay. So you got Mike headlines and the topic is Harden all know started. Okay, James Harden Markedly. I'll give you three. You got three Mike Headlines. You have only got two good ones. But saying in Hue town is got check the harden. Okay. Fritzi called it huge town a couple years ago. I'm sticking by not age town, but huge town. Okay, Jersey. Thank you. Right. Okay. What else you Hard and aims to average triple bypass this season. Oh, wow. Wow. You want one? You won't want more might be a fail but Hard and wants take out but will rockets delivery. But I would have stopped at the triple bypass, but that's thank you. Thank you. Thank you Have a great day there, right? Whatever time it is there have a great day. Solid effort. Definitely. See, this is I And this is where Todd leaves the show because his mind out after that, then you're like, OK, now let me do James Harden Mark Headlines. Not today. You lost me. Yeah, not today. Final results of the poll question club. Would you take calls for two? Shawn Watson? If you're the Texans 74% say yes, If you do, there's no turning back. That's my only concern with that. God, would you learn on today's award nominated program, Russ Tucker says. The first rule of Snow football Club is don't admit you rather not play in the snow. Come on Lamar Jackson. Oh, I didn't get to police the stain sports history you're gonna like these Dan 1994. Tonya Harding's bodyguards plural, were arrested and charged with conspiracy in the attack on skater Nancy Kerrigan. Sean Eckerd. That's right. Haven't heard much from him since 1999 lockout, so shortened NBA season, Michael Jordan says I'm not playing. He's done. He retired from the Bulls for the second. Perhaps you have heard of him. McLovin. What did you learn today? I learned that Chris Mannix is in l. A melon ball says he was there first. I don't buy it. Well, you might have been, He might have been But that's good. But you are right. There's plenty of room on that big. Yes, Yeah. I mean, you convince all of us we all watch the Hornets now believable. He's fun to watch. He doesn't start. And he's not a good shooter, but he sees the game. There's certain guys where you go. He just sees the game differently. And when he does He's a lot of fun scene O'Connor would you learn today Could have been you and Mannix. But don't you know, Drew a line in the sand? That's alright on Lee, Would you learn tonight? Ross Tucker loves playing in the snow. What we learned brought you by em. Drive. Take the supplement. I take every day powerful ingredients.

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