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Dries bad for nothing. The famous story about John Cryan is. He started out delivering the mail in Maywood Illinois and on his route he was writing these songs including some stone cold classics like Sam Stone in a low in their this guy wrote a bunch of tunes finally debuted them at a club in Chicago was reviewed by none other than Roger. Ebert the famed film critic. My friend and colleague Katha show is one of the first big reviews at Prien got is career took off from there the list of people who look up to John Prime Johnny cash. Yeah Bonnie Raitt Chris Christopherson Paul Westerberg Dwight. Yoakam Oh yeah and that Guy Bob Dylan you know. Those are some of the many admirers. I think that they are artists. Who are songwriters? Songwriters and You know after towns vans in number two on that list is John John had a really tough battle with cancer in nineteen ninety eight on the right side of his neck. It left his voice Deeper more gravelly. You'll hear that when we're talking to him. Welcome to the show John. Thanks good to be here so John. Let's start at the beginning of your career. I mean you're working as this postal carrier in your twenties and during this time. You writing these amazing multi-layered songs. How did that work naked? Put Down the job of a mailman. Why don't you know that route? There's nothing like it in the library with no books. Oh they got this time on your hands to think about stuff and it was the perfect. I I need to be doing something else when I'm writing I can't be thinking that I'm actually a writer and scenario writer today. Only once every street every house on the wrong street day that game you particularly good song and I had to go back at eight o'clock at night and knock on every doing the mail bags very embarrassing for mailman. When I woke up this morning things. We're looking man. Seem.

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