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Terms of boxing. Why he's promoters nets and networks scared like right now. Can you make a decent fight from here to september that date. I don't think so right now days already too late. It's too late but yeah. Can i finish your call. Where do you go ahead. Go in the date man. Israel is what i'm saying but go ahead finish your thought. Yes so so. What i was saying is that you know like i. I just don't like the fact that khanal like is there september. Why mexicans don't have a backup or they have a big fight like a backup plan. It just sucks at another holiday. There's no big fight. you know. It sucks so you would want a backup guess Who would be providing the backup. Who would that fight or be in does have to be mascot. I dunno it like admitted not not really brought me. Honesty's a boxer fan. Like i just a big fight to me as the boxes and they need to learn something like i think they should make a big card every quarter of the year. So then fans can enjoy you know. It's almost like a subaru for us. The temper it. that'd be awesome. The as a of trying to be like i would. I would add in this little thing every quarter. All the promoters must work together on one quarterly super card and they are eat and they all but thinking main. it's hard. It's hard because we split in the money too hard because everybody wants to big a piece of the argument now. My man did this over the whole two years your mandate that you know what i'm saying. It's too much to be honest. Like cinco de mayo on knew that always but the day floyd mayweather introduce matt to me. So i'm not gonna see hamby like yo. I need to see a fight. September fifteenth or whatever the day is but do i like the fight and the height behind that day here. Do you know. Flight pre k. Are ness real quick right based flipping off his core so people being afraid to release right so kanye west of i've been following that whole donde release right and then is released so donde was pushed back that should israel man people choose what they want to watch or listen to her right here. So that day being like the floyd date or the freaking cannella date you got to step back because your business. If you do that now i just did. An interview regis shut out. The regis programme invited us to his jam and the interview. He said like him and mike day. 'cause they waiting on cannella everybody waits on cannella because then you get to know what you can or can't do you know what i'm saying. You all eyes on me. You don't want or is on cannella and then spill into me and that's drake and cayenne. Yeah you know what i'm saying. Who listen to drake kanye. Ao nas anymore. With that constant it was crazy. He was just that he's a shadow is performing on. Yeah no no. I mean i can dig the part. No but it's the album dropping and then knows about the drop on the same day and connie pushed the date. Because he don't wanna fake knives and then drake like yo. What's up man droppie album. 'cause i want to drop my album saying and nobody wants to step on nobodies cognac. I was your date. He liked what you know saying. So it's a real thing. Man people choose and they don't want to they want impact and you know the most impactful way to do. It is to not drop on definitely a date jay's beneath change the building definitely. No you will hear yo. I've been in the rain with perry ballard. I've been the rain with jack. Jack planner a member of the rain with a new the world away leon king though i mean the rink with some people but i'm not gonna stop toes. Talk shit about much date. David is whether he is August fourteenth. you got the big event going on promotion for that right there on the lane. Next week i played the screen. Show cashew curry. Okay bothering that man. Are date really matters mad. You know that's why ti to push this date back somebody 'cause when the stuff i mean. 'cause you know flow was really stepping stones and now i never wanna fight probably.

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