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One seed in the tournament tomorrow night for all of it. And I off set the scene of what it's like at this level at you never made it to a championship game ever made it to a final four, but you did play in the Sweet Sixteen with Vanderbilt Commodores when you were one of the best three point shooting shooting guards in the country bar. None set the scene for me. What is it like as a player in that environment? When you're the tragedy. These kids are having so much fun. Three weeks basketball for sure, but but certainly there's a lot of pressure that goes along with it in terms of plane in front of the big crowds. You know, forty fifty. I believe in the final four it's almost like seventy thousand people. So learn how to grow up in learn how to grow very quickly in that type of environment. But this is a really interesting game ever really just like a scenario where defense really does win championships. You're gonna have that in this matchup between Virginia and Texas Tech because either just to outstanding defensive teams right in. And as I mentioned, I sadly misspoke about about Michigan state port Tom Izzo. I don't feel bad for middle. But anyway, Texas Tech Virginia now at Vanderbilt you played in memorial gym your home games in memorial gym. And that's a crowd of how many like sixteen thousand something like that. Yes. Reconfigured over the years back there in the late eighty about seventeen. Yes. So what is the difference? Between playing an arena like that. And playing in an arena that as you mentioned might have seventy thousand fans, what is the difference in perspective as a shooter as a player being in this big cavernous place. I mean, does it change your trajectory is change your mentality of of how you shoot how you approach the game. It really does the largest crowd facility that Arbor played. It was in this league sits back towards that. They wanted in nineteen eighty eight when they hit Danny Manning. But that year we played in the Silverdome of Pontiac Michigan. And there was a good fifty thousand people in the in that big Coliseum there and debt perception is just different. You know, you just kind of never get a feel like you're in some type of close proximity where where the lighting is good. So it is definitely a different environment. When you're shooting in that big of. Facility and Scott was the consummate three point field goal shooter. I watched him in college. When I lived in Nashville Tennessee for many years and watched as he progressed through his career. But yeah, I can't imagine the difference between being arena that's built for basketball. And it's and you say sixteen seventeen thousand it is much more. How shall I say it's much more intimate than playing in front of fifty or sixty or seventy thousand people at depth perception of the hoops, and and all the rest of that. Who was the player that you played against? That was probably the best pick a top five when you played college basketball. Who were the players you played against that? You felt were just out lights crate well fairly at the very beginning of that list. Very top of that list would be nail out of LSU. He was a tremendous player, obviously loaded back, then they hit seculow nail. They had Stanley Roberts. Had Chris Jackson all the one team under Dale Brown. Glen Rice played Michigan back during that stage. He was tremendous. Obviously, I just mentioned before dating banning all the great players out of Kentucky Jamal Mashburn. Rex Chapman list goes on and on when you're playing in the south east. Out every other team had at least one team Tennessee with Alan Houston delivered goes on and on. And it's kind of one of those situations where to play every single night, you're gonna get embarrassed. What was your favorite moment of playing the NCAA tournament? It was was just suiting up and and going on the court was there was a particularly great moment. You remember as a player for the Vanderbilt Commodores playing in the championship tournament March madness. Fairly would've been like I said before going to the teen in. But we upset Pittsburgh during that run and berry go he hit a last second shot into overtime. They hit a really good player in Jerome lane. And in fact, Sean Miller. Later on. Great coach at Arizona guard on that team. But we really didn't have any right to to be Pittsburgh during that thirty two round that up and we just came out of nowhere headed nine rhinos able to win two games that year. Well, you mentioned the LSU teams when she kill Neil Stanley Robertson. Chris jackson. They never won a national championship. And and the national baby even when southeastern conference championship right back door in that era. Alabama was actually the team to beat and they had players by the name of Robert ory, Latrell Sprewell 'Antonio mcdyess. They really hit it rolling. Derek mckee? The list goes on they really hit it really back, then underwent Sanderson. I'm not sure that Alabama Basle has ever recovered once website or longer out the hill. Well, let me ask you this. And I would talked about the assemblage of LSU and the great players. She kilo Neil mentioned as one of the fifty greatest players of the NBA's verse fifty years and Chris Jackson just just an incredible point guard and shooting guard and Stanley Roberts who was just a behemoth of a man. What is the difference? What do you think is the equation airy difference between great players and great teams at this time of the year because it's not always the best players through the season. It's not always the premier players who win national championships. What's the secret? What's the magic ingredient? Could know that for sure they would bottle it up and bring it out when a matters. But for some reason, it's that are able to gel and to peak at the right time that is typically not always. But typically teams in player that played together for multiple years in the one and done fad. Heavily doesn't particularly in with national championships. Those teams are great great divert talented,.

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