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Alright everybody podcast time. The crew is assembled feeling. What will you might not be feeling good? But I will say this. We're here. It's raining is cold off to my left. Tony creative. Tony ryan. What's up? Tony Ron outy and to my right, creative Janet killer. What's up, Shannon? A Hello friend. Okay. Good. Friend, just one friend pow. Yeah, associate. Yeah. Colleague, who you call in Powell friend. You got a problem for you got us. James spader. Dropping friend is as insulting against is. Tony sixteen candles spayed, or no, no, no, no. I'm off pretty in pink. And pink spader is the a whole is one of the greatest holes you could ever cast, especially young spayed or Tony Kharkiv collars up. Yeah. Flowing, you know, shirts, and baggy pants. James spader. You familiar Keller. Yeah. But my favorite is havi are bar dam and no country for all men dropping Frendo. Remember that? I remember the movies scary as L movie. It's awesome. And he's talking to store clerk. And he says who you talking to Frendo part pre scary in that movie. Oh, he's awesome. Yeah. My favorite super creepy guys. Here. We are on the eve of opening day at oracle park. Now oracle park. It's oracle park. Y'all software engineering for those who want it will you guys miss seeing AT and T, pork. Or does. It not have any impact on anyone's life afraid. Not for me. Impact on our job because we had a change everything from eighteen oracle about which definitely is the best. Our sales staff is so cool here. They get everything to me like, well, you know. They're so timely. Everything is on time if not early Shannon looking tomorrow for opening day. Yes. We got rain in the forecast yet tied. It looks like rain. That's Christopher Joyce other. Whether this morning supposed to lighten up into Steve Paulson on channel two TV's, falls and Sal. Traffic my bed jukebox on Fridays. When he takes listener requests. And he plays the music. I could never see that. I'm always working. I never seen that sells busy world watching box on Fridays. Fanfare. No, I like, south donate. Mike me Bach as wildcat class in ninety six. I don't want to disparage any of the other local networks guys, but you ever notice. How all the ballers all the coolest people seem to work over channel to they do. Wait a minute. Wait what and chat on Fonzie Fonzie, and then the maple on ios and shut out Steve policy where it all started for me. I'm and don't forget Frank Somerville in the evenings with the wonderful hair. Julie Hainer, of course, doing don't you get news on your phones as what most people do the joys of of human personality, your Hanes, your your. I've been as. Yvonne you shout out, Yvonne. Yes. But I've as spelt the same for the guitar. Pronounce and I've been guitars wrong all these years to know because it's all about the NBA. Go ahead. Reasonable over the end makes a Bina Jagna. Yes. Yeah. The end does not. And and yeah, then it's Yvonne. I'm a fan of his guitar. Marky Bagna, we get back to weather and opening day. Those guys by the way, should be guests on the jackass Fonzie. And that's a good. Okay. Yes. It's light rain. It used to be the fear river. But I think that's being held off to maybe Saturday looks like rain, kale or go ahead. There's a lot of pre-game full in the rain. There's a lot of ceremonies before the game. They want like an hour before the game. The giants want you in your seat at twelve thirty one thirty pitch do it. Or you're in trouble. Okay. Well, I'll be out there with the morning show. We're doing our show from the public house the way we were recording this on Thursday, April fourth forgot, my daughter Libya's birthday. It's ten twenty. Here working for sales than it does data. That's cool. So happy birthday.

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