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Again is there all buying all the portfolio managers they're buying the same thing so the average investor is left with no true diversification but plenty of duplication and they wonder when the market comes down forty percent why they're coming down forty forty five percent while because again you not only owning the market your owning the market times two or three you're owning way too much of the same stuff and if that's not bad enough you've got companies like morningstar now morningstar is a company that will analyse portfolios for advisors and foreign investors but but they don't tell you how serious of a problem this is you see morningstar has something that they call stock intersection in stock intersection is showing you how much duplication you have in your portfolio but here's the problem meghan they cut the report off they they show you fifty companies where you have duplication so people look at this and they say okay so i guess i own fifty stocks multiple times and the answer is no morningstar is only showing you fifty stocks that you own multiple times you take a an average client who has maybe twelve thousand different holdings in their portfolio and they're going to say to me well wait a minute morningstar showing me only fifty stocks that are duplicated but you're tony i've got twelve thousand stocks could i have more duplication is the problem much bigger than i actually thought in the answer is yes absolutely so take the time and get a detailed analysis we will die set your portfolio and show you what you truly have and show you how to get rid of all of the duplication and how.

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