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It was it was fantastic it was it was goring and it well i know my entire bracket but it was so fantastic who does that allowed defeat defender i was up that the big dogs the blue blood dead their gallman in college bathtub although how many brackets will you fell out you can buy me on twitter at a low radio and we're going to take the more your college basketball called we still i want to know interview left i appreciate so much this show and the hard work that i think in tom do to make sure that we can get the different coaches and players on the air and of course jerry palm was kind enough to be here in studio with us after what was a really long stretch of games for him but this is a unique shall we very rarely have four or five guest on the air and one show but it phil action sunday and eighth unique in the but fell been so we always want to cover it with as much bang and ferrer and as much and now if this and the deserve and began to talk to go to through never taken their team to bnp doubling turning the before or coaches who are in a spot where they're school is going for the first time i jacksonville state like nor the western chris collin has been all over the place we actually thought we're going to have an interview with the northwestern head coach and then potentially a player but they were so even debuted with interview request that they had a put us off and we hope maybe in the next couple of days will talk to a member of the northwestern men's basketball team but eric a muscle men in nevada the wolfpack back in the end the double a turner that for the first time in a decade and the fantastic story and then couple each other and the spectre um you got to throw didn't that and then have the power school of powered college basketball.

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