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To know stipulate to some fact, it's hard to do that with the president because he resists science evidence data truce, it's hard to pin. The president Dan on the facts, the house is set to vote on a legislative package today that would reopen the government, but it does not include money for. A border wall Windsor Johnston. NPR news, Washington, the Italian foreign ministry says it knows nothing of reports that a North Korean diplomat has defected into seeking asylum in the west NPR, Sylvia. Jolie reports that his acting ambassador to Italy. The diplomats term had ended in late November reports that Joe song Gill had defected were first revealed in a briefing for lawmakers in Seoul by the South Korean spy agency. They claim Joe and his wife left their official residence in Rome in early November the forty eight year old diplomat became acting ambassador after Italy expelled, the top diplomat in October two thousand seventeen to protest or North Korean nuclear test. Italian media report that the foreign ministry in Rome said Joe has not requested asylum in Italy and denies he's in protected hiding the last senior North Korean diplomat known to have defected was a former minister at the North Korean embassy in London in two thousand sixteen so people Jolie NPR news, Rome science. I know that an early earthquake warning could save lives it could allow people to protect themselves or even leave buildings that might collapse. Now, a new app may offer as much as a minute of warning the people who live in Los Angeles County, we cannot predict your Greg's, but we can tell you and earthquake has in his on its way to you Caltech seismologist, Tom Heaton, says the app could also give cities enough time to stop trains or shutdown gaslines suspects in the slaying of Washington Post columnist Jamal kashogi appeared in court for the first time in Saudi Arabia. Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for at least five of the suspects. A Chinese space probe is made the first ever landing on the far side of the moon. The Cianci four lunar probe was launched in December. China's Space Administration officials say the probe transmitted the first ever close range image of that portion of the moon, the moon rotates at the same rate as it orbits our planet. So the far side is never visible from earth. On Wall Street. The Dow is down six hundred points. This is NPR. News. Good morning. It's eight oh four. I'm Eric Roy. And for Jerry Glazer with California headlines from KCRW, seven, California, Democrats are about to be sworn in with the new congress today case UW's Michelle is reporting from Washington DC this week. She tells us the mood among some of California's incoming representatives is more somber today after hopes of ending the government shutdown fizzled yesterday. The soon to be lawmakers will be sworn in around noon eastern time on day, thirteen of the partial government shutdown democrat, Katie porter who will represent Orange County says that dampens what's usually a celebratory day. I think it's gonna make our I stay a little bit more solemn than it would be otherwise. But I think we are ready to vote on a package to reopen. This government not long after Democrats officially retake the majority in the house this afternoon. The party is expected to re-elect San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi as speaker there also expected to take up a package of bills to reopen. The government without the billions in funding for a border wall. The president wants. Porter says debate can wait this we need to take longer to have a robust debate about what the best way is to secure our borders. I would rather do that. While we have our country up and running and go ahead. And have that debate later if we need to President Trump preemptively rejected the Democrats proposal, but with Democrats now holding forty more house seats, including these seven new swing districts in traditionally conservative parts of California like the OC. It's a new era of divided government for KCRW. I'm Michelle Eloy in Washington DC, meanwhile, San Fernando Valley congressman Brad Sherman isn't wasting any time. Sherman says Illinois produce articles of impeachment against President Trump today case, it'll be stale Sassaman has more Sherman is actually re introducing articles of impeachment that he I rolled out last year that effort didn't get very far in the Republican controlled house. And it's far from certain that it will go anywhere. Even though Democrats are now in the majority but Sherman is not deterred. Here's the Sherman oaks, lawmakers speaking to ABC news. As last year, we.

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