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And that was a great blessing to Israel. And I really admire the president for having the will and determination to make that happen. Well, and he's done that time, and again as you mentioned in dealing with Kim, Jon UN dealing with Russia NATO, for example, same story as with the South Koreans. He goes to NATO says, hey, look at you guys promised two percent. You should be paying two percent. They said, well, nobody asked but then before he went to ask that question or even after he asked that question same response from the mainstream media, and all these people who I think who are they are very well marginalizing themselves, Stephen you, and I are MENA phase. And you know, when we re. Read the Old Testament and how? The office of the prophet was treated and that is that look at your your office as a prophet was validated. By the results of what it was that. You were prophesying and prophesying is really when you really think about it. There's a lot of commonalities with people who are in the media and communications. And if you do not have. Substantiation of what it is that you are offering an opinion about or some sort of vision, and it goes by the wayside the thing is that is annoying to me as they still continue to put people in front of the camera and give them place, and it's like looking like Richard Blumenthal during the cavenaugh, which of all people. I mean, I think it's quite interesting. I often find that people self indict and Richard Blumenthal, talked about well, you know, if you're untruthful in one thing, it means untruthful and others, right. And you're saying Richard Blumenthal. You know? Are you kidding me? And so I called him to dick. He has such a way with word. You're right. The left. You know, we all do that. There was all this kind of shady stuff going on that when they looked at judge Kavanagh's life and his record and could find nothing to disqualify him. Right at the end, they through this kind of hand grenade. You know with the idea that maybe it would. Up his nomination. And thankfully, it didn't. I think it did something that almost nothing else could do and that has unified the Republican party because there's basically three Republican party. So they don't cooperate. Right. What I would call the establishment, you know, the bushes and right Romney and whole group. And then you've got the tea party, which has been pretty marginalized. But it it certainly exists. And then you've got the Trump Republican, you know, that's the way it's going. But can you believe how? Mitch McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham and others God right behind the president that they showed a little bit of backbone. I was gonna say they discovered they do it again. And again, they discovered their spine in the process. That's a good thing. We're talking with Stephen Strang..

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