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Please tell the story because so good. So it wasn't planned. In the middle of the show, somebody was Jordan. It was Jordan Rodgers idea. Was it okay? I didn't know that. That's because you didn't have your earpiece in, but it was his idea. So they decided for me to dress up as a yell later. Yeah. We knew he was picking Texas a and M yeah. Okay, big deal. Right. And so there's a finite amount of time that you can change clothes. Yeah, and at first we were going to take one of the yell leader outfits off of a current yell leader and have them where your clothes. But that got way too complicated because they were bigger. So at the very end of the show, I zip in to a tent. Yeah. I got undressed. I put the shirt on. And by the way, I don't get starch in my I mean this, you could that thing was stiff. You could cut somebody's throat with the shirt. I mean, it was that stuff. I saw it, and I was like, I could punch that. I get the shirt on. And I know this is just exactly what happened. This isn't. No, this is true. Embellishment. Because for anybody who's watching this year, I came out a few minutes later with a shirt and blue jeans on. There's a reason why. So I take my shoes off. And these pants, by the way, Taylor Swift could not have gotten these papers so tight. Wow. But I got in them. Well, have you seen his legs? My goodness. I got in them until the zipper broke. So I am fully dressed as a yell leader from Texas a and M which is a respected university, which honors the military. Yes. 5 days before Veterans Day and I looked down and my zipper's open. Well, you know, and I'm thinking XYZ Paul, come on. Maybe, I mean, in all candor, I would have probably done it at Tennessee. I mean, no big deal. We would have understood here, right? I didn't think I could afford to do that. You had so much going to pick me up too, because the yell later had told me. Oh, oh, I didn't know that. That surprised I was very concerned. I'm thinking they picked me up. Throw me up and there's my zipper open. And I'm spending the rest of my life writing letters to the Bush library. Okay. So that's why that was the backstory. So I didn't know, honestly, I was disappointed when you came out of the tent and you're not wearing the pants. I thought Paul's only halfway committed to this thing. And then it comes out and you know, he does the whole thing, he gets a little picky. He's hoisted on the yell eater shoulders. I thought for sure you were going to fall over. I didn't see I didn't hear what they said. And then my wife told me, she said, Laura was really worried. I was so concerned. I thought I kept saying, so it's so funny because people probably think some of our show is scripted. It's all very much our real reaction to things. I thought if they drop you, I mean, I was behind. I don't know what I thought I was going. I thought I'm going to catch you. I probably could. I'm very strong. But either way, if they had dropped me. That would have been.

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