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Fifteen and fourteen frankly we added about four million barrels a day just in the united states alone or the corey lava that came from texas driven bought texas so you told me and i say this with very broad through the chief offender was in terms of raising global crude oil supplies of production and take your prices it was us with that we had opec at our marcia gay at the time now this caused a lot of difficulty to texas companies and as well uh but opec has not yet figured out how to deal with texas in the united states when it comes to crude oil production well we've we've surpassed the the saudis as being the swing producer and moved into a position where the texas oil industry really i think what you're saying is controls the uh the the prices and the production on the world market opec you again is trying to figure out how to deal with those two way too long so it could finally put this production agreed within the place which then raised prices which meant we started to go back girl more wells produce more again wish to literally just back them into a corner and frankly i guarantee you they don't know what to do right now and that's that's a good problem for opec to have i believe we're just about out of time in the segment uh the car coming up in the next segment let's let's really get into the texas midyear the petro index and and what some of these numbers mean because frankly most of them are burgoyne right over my head but i believe you can explain them for even a guy like me can understand you're listening to in the oil pass monies out and bailey rydin solo today kamm down in rock poor checking on some stormdamage.

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