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It depends on it depends on the series right blatter mirror that's you know pretty selfcontained let his new characters but but but but but yeah i think you know bill has a point i i i agree with bill that once i word cuts it cuts cuts accord it's been a long day um i uh you know there were certain things i'm like oh hey how do i watch this particular thing it's going to be a challenge but there were other networks and channels where mike ellis actually ways you than i thought it would be great traders will uh you know it's also cool patrick beja ill it'd be better than i interconnection that's for sure your called it but you're also cool and not a lotta people can say that besides bundle in up in vienna new dad what's been going on in your world uh you know what we just recorded a new episode of a dti slabs games with scott johnson where we talked about three incredible gains that came out just this january year is off to a great start and we also talked about the improvements to the microsoft xbox game past service so that's already available for patrons on the patron page and you will get a you will get it this weekend are thumb coming up on saturday if you're not a patriotic get a if you enjoy gaming listen to that if however you want to get it right now and you're not a patron you can fix that just got a patriotic outlet detailed us we're get close the end of the month and we are more than one above the number of patrons we had last month thank you so much keep it going don't let it fall back in the next day or two but huge thanks to everybody who sticks with us and those new folks who have just signed up you guys are the best uh all the big rewards come an unmarked.

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