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And de cluttering how to get ready your stuff plus we're three financial decisions that will make it harder for you to retire find out more right here on C. R. solution Stewart WMAL Washington five point nine FM W. A. L. are you looking to make a move but you don't know where to start hi Aymeric steward of the arch your group of long and foster and my team has the knowledge and resources to help you meet your realistic goals with over thirty one years of experience and more than three thousand successful sales my team and I've learned a key real estate trends to position your home to sell for top dollar we take pride in dedicating ourselves to your specific needs as our clients and we will create a personalized plan to sell every home for top dollar our network of professional handyman stagers and photographers will get your home ready for sale on your schedule we'll walk you through every step so that you know that your home is in good hands knowledge is power when selling your home when you hire the best you get the best for more information call us at eight hundred nine hundred ninety one oh four that's eight hundred nine hundred ninety one oh four or visit Eric Stewart group dot com the senior solution with Eric store on one oh five point nine FM W. M. eight.

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