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My friends I'm just gonna go off in a couple of different topics. You guys are kind enough to send me. Articles fire. These take will stimulate the conversation here on the show and many times. They're really good today. I've got a couple of I think that just is really over the top. Boorda share them with you. I would work through with your needs are the kinds of things where. You have to just take this from take for granted that I'm gonna lose my mind on this right upfront. So the type of person doesn't like somebody lose their mind. Probably not a good debris to be listened to show on the other hand. If you're somebody hates the fact that it's legal for financial planners to lie and misrepresent the truth. That they can do it on the radio. They can do it on TV. They can do it in articles. And no one ever comes behind them. And that checks anything they say, which makes it ridiculous. If if I were to dispute all types of facts on the show that we're not represented by somebody else's results. If they themselves up see, I'm not telling you that the lady yesterday said they're averaging between ten and twenty four percent cash flow. The family was telling you, I didn't tell you. They may two hundred and fifty percent return on their cash out refi. They're telling you that the members who have actually done it year after year after year for twenty seven years, we've been doing this that the facts are revealed now, these people can't misrepresent because they are partners in these deals most of them do. And so their partners are getting these financial reports getting these returns, and that's why we're still here. Twenty seven years later is because we're telling you the truth, but these financial planners I ball. I know that none of them know anything about making money. None of them. I'm willing to take any one of them you can find in this country. I don't care if he's Fox News on down put him on the radio with me, and I will destroy them. When we talk about the facts, these guys know nothing about how to make money nothing about retirement, nothing at all. Everything they spew is misrepresentation false backs bad ideas that don't work. It just drives me crazy that they can do it legally and get away with it. And that there's nobody and no way to be able to get back at them not at them because I want to hurt them. But at their lies and misrepresentations see they just make up backs as they go. They believe just like many politicians believe if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it. What does it do ends up? Putting a good seventy five percent of Americans in position will never be able to retire. You look at the backs of what the the median savings is. It's unbelievable. You know, it's unbelievable below the median savings in the country. Fifty percent of the people in this country and below have five thousand bucks in the Bank. Fifty percent and below have five thousand bucks or less than the Bank. Now, when you go to the averaging we average in the rich people with the moderate and poor people the average is about ninety five thousand, but even ninety five thousand dollars is not enough to survive the rest of your Lear your life in retirement. So I'm going to take on the financial planners today in two or three articles where I'm just going to rip into them like I haven't no long time. And I hope you enjoy it. If you've got any questions, you can call eight seven seven seven eleven fifty to eleven I may not take a call immediately because I might be in the middle of a rant. But if I can get you be happy to get you in the first article there was said to me. It's just outrageous. It's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. My entire life says that it's a known fact that stocks are better than real estate as investments it's a known back. First of all, it's not a back real estate is ten thousand times more profitable than stocks. Are it every way shape and form you make money in real estate five different ways in the stock market only by appreciation real estate income tax free when done correctly, which means even if we did half of it we to them, but we do five times as much income as they do. And yet it's tax free, which makes it really ten times more profitable. Now. I'm just throwing numbers out there. Those are not specific batch. I'm just right now begging the fact that these idiots don't know what they're talking about. It's so common when they had the new tax laws in place idiot got on the radio on TV it started venting. What are these reporters that now you could get all this income tax free because he changed the tax laws. No, we've been able to get that income tax free for thirty years. But these idiots don't even know it. And so what did they do? They come on. And the regurgitate health stupid and uneducated about the topic. They are how do you get to be in Fox News or CNBC or an NBC or any of these stations CNN and become a fact reporter when you don't even know the fact that what's your take to be? I'm going to cover the facts are today. But what you're a taste me is that these guys get on TV spewing the lies and misrepresentations. So that the electorate ends up with a median savings account of five thousand dollars and an average savings account of ninety five thousand dollars. This is just ridiculous. Let's start out this article says they're seven reasons why stocks are better than real estate. Let's just take them one at a time, by the way, the idiot wrote this articles navy Shawn lane Golias. And this is from market watch the articles out of marketwatch, Sean, if you out there listening, please please come on the radio with me. Let me take your head off and show you how embarrassed you be to talk about stuff. You know, nothing about I will bring facts figures people's deals, financials, whatever you need. If you think you could stand up even one tenth of the proof of what you're saying. I don't think you could stand up Diddy myself. So let's talk about liquidity. He is saying the number one reason that stocks are better. Then real estate is because stocks are liquid. If you wanna get out you can get out. All right. Let's explain to you. This is a misrepresentation. The reason you can get out of stocks is two reasons one there's a liquid market for it there. That's granted. But to you have to get out at the price. They're willing to let you out at in other words, if the stock market you bought a stock one hundred dollars a share and it went down to seventy five dollars a share. Yes. You could get out immediately at seventy five dollars a share. But that's not what you're saying. What you're saying? A real estate is. I bought this piece of real estate for one hundred thousand dollars. Now it's worth four hundred thousand and it took me thirty days. He said forty five days to sell it. Of course, it took forty five days. We're looking for a greater fool didn't pay four hundred thousand for something you paid one hundred thousand four you're going to wait until that person comes around. But what if he offered that piece of real estate that appraised for four hundred thousand for three hundred thousand that pizza real estate would sell overnight instantly? You cash it out in the second. Do it all the time in seminar. I say if you could buy this. Department this way, cash flowing this much who would buy it today. Ninety percent of the people in the room, raise their hands. They would buy it today. That's how quickly I can sell a piece of real estate when you're not trying to rip off the person you're trying to sell it to if you had a fixed market where whatever the appraisal was the property would sell for you could sell real estate just as quickly as you could sell stocks. But that's not what's happening. People are trying to make massive capital gains are real estate on the stock market. You're happy to take whatever it is. They're willing to give you the day. You want to sell it. Is that liquidity? Is that really liquidity? Wow. Let's say that you lose half of everything you're worth. But man, you did it with such liquidity. That's so important. Isn't it? I think if you think about what I'm saying you realize that there not comparing apples to apples oranges to oranges. They're comparing somebody is letting their stocks go for a non premium price. And that's why they sell so quickly real estate if it were sold for non premium price would sell instantly. Also, I proved it many many times it happens that some apartments don't even make the Amar don't even make the market for even a day or two impact. And houses the same thing if you had ten rent houses, we can sell all ten red houses for you. Let's in a week. That's how liquid real estate is compared to stocks. It's air liquid it not more liquid because number one when you buy stocks. You're nothing, but a piece of paper and a hope and a prayer. They're going to go up. But when you buy real estate, you're getting cash flow, the second you buy it. So just like you wanting a bond or CD for one percent or two percent right now. Exciting CDs at two percent. You buy a piece of real estate that earns ten right out of the blacks way exciting, especially when you realize this tax, we short break we right back with the Delwan be radio show. You're listening to the Joe Wamsley radio show gel. We'll be right back with more life changing principles just minutes. Total.

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