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On all cylinders in terms of commerce. I think we're getting to that point in terms of retailers who can actually deliver to your front door. It's going to be Amazon, and WalMart. And then drop off to everyone else. But that's what we're we're watching today. That number their numbers were were pretty darn good. Cisco also had good earnings so yesterday, it was kind of interesting because we are down nearly two hundred points. And then it was revealed that the president is thinking about delaying tariffs on automobiles for six months market turnaround finished up one hundred and that momentum should. Continue this morning. Also federal judge ordering the FDA to start regulating e cigarettes. The ruling says the FDA, vacated its legal duty when it put off reviewing all vaping products. Let's check the real time numbers as we're about to get off and trading on a Thursday FX foreign exchange dollar one zero nine against the end. A buck eleven we'll get you a euro one twenty eight the British pound the Dow Jones industrial average up one sixteen yesterday. We'll open up another oh, seventy five to eighty points off the opening bell open at twenty five six forty eight gold. This morning is down four twelve Ninety-three announce oil is up a little bit. Currently trading or actually up a one over one percent. It's almost sixty three dollars a barrel, and our tenure yield two point four percent. All right. Kelly, thanks very much want to pick up on this discussion about mental health, and it affects depression, not just kids, and how parents talked to kids, but, you know, for parents to they go through their own struggles Christina they do. And. Parents are the first line of defense for the kids mental health. So we're going to hear a once again, this is Dr Mark Golson the co creator of new documentary stay alive. An intimate conversation about suicide prevention, he says just like the airlines tell you to do you need to put your own mask in place and save yourself before you can help your.

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