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And the other executive bodies while having the support from the us congress and by the way on june twentieth a resolution has been passed or was passed in support of moldova ukraine and georgia territorial integrity and acknowledging the red lanta has perations so it is extremely important to have the synergy between the three elements in the united states between the congress between the government and between and i would say also the business sector so before we end our interview back to the question of mr lavrov you said that you've had long conversations with him but i didn't get a chance to ask you what what what the response how did he respond to your concerns the conversation was not easy because what i have said clearly that we ended it to engage with the russian federation and that's what i did engaging sergei that that a municipality conference but our relationship or our wish to have this normal relationship should not be done by affecting moldova's independence sovereignty and territorial integrity and my russian counterpart has clearly reiterated that russia supports moldova's territorial integrity sovereignty and independence and in this case we say officially that if we have and we see that russia officially supports moldova's territorial integrity meaning that transdniestrian region should be a part of the of the country while we say if you want to help in this process remove the troops and munitions get the troops out get the troops out at the guns out get the weapons out exactly what's he response to which he responded that these troops are keeping the peace and stability in the region mr early nanyuki this is part of the problem that much of us in the west have seen now in the in the last months regarding russia they seem to say one thing and seem to do something else and the question that i would like to ask you knowing you know very well how to negotiate these circles navigate these circles you recognize what it was that mr lavrov was saying to you is yeah we know what you're saying but we're not going to do anything at this point how do you how do you move on that though how do you how do you change his mind change russia's might or is that even possible under these circumstances that rat now i tried to see not what with russia wants tried to see what moldova wants and what moldova ones and that's perhaps our main task to be vocal and to speak out in washington in germany in france in the european union but also the united nations level that's why i mentioned this historic resolution so for the first time since moldova became independent the united nations which is the biggest body endorsement guys ation in the world has acknowledged that the russian troops are illegally stationing hormone dovers territory this is not a sanction imposing resolution but it's the first time acknowledging the illegality so moldova an hour position we do not want to have a military solution we want to have a civilian at the peace peace peace solution without involving the military but we will not be able to buy or sell would need to feel and we need to have very concrete actions from washington particularly and to engage with us and we are ready to engage on all the dimension that i mentioned to you energy security extremely important for the national security cyber security and military and defence capacities when need to have american leadership in the region because and of course the european support for moldova's european integration to limit the influence and what is i what is extremely important this year and we discussed about these interferences and these interference in domestic affairs are becoming stronger went around the alexa around the elections and we have actions at the end of this year and that is why we are here today in washington saying very clearly don't get involved in the elections but try to help us to secure our internal space without any foreign interference let the people decide for themselves what they want and they wants to have a modern democratic western state but for that to happen the people that are more exposed to the interference and to influence from outside through various modern techniques which are are are known of course we need to secure our space we need to make our institutions more resilient but for this we need to have the support assistance projects development projects investment projects because once moldova will become stronger in national security in cybersecurity even in the.

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