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No now when you're serving. Money your sentence. The worst the worst have a publicist gig there. I feel like I could do I really talk up cell block c. Already criminals to get you to make. Internals internal position you guys may the cover Khanjar jobs listing board for X Johns. Tell you what it is. But may the cover once again, you're welcome. Sign that for. All right. Let's do one more. Okay. Let's see. Okay. We'll end with the this one a town in New Jersey is cracking down on barking dogs. Fox News reports that the borough of saddle river is revising an ordinance against dog barking prohibiting quote loud frequent or bitch will continuous barking howling or yelping now the can do. Yeah. And it goes on if it goes on for more than twenty minutes between seven AM in ten PM. It's a problem or more than fifteen minutes between ten pm and seven AM every night, a saddle river borough administrator said there was one incident particular the prompted this, but he would not elaborate on what it was violators of the amended law are subject to a fine of up to a thousand dollars ninety days in jail or up to ninety days of community service. And they said other places are doing this. But they're getting the ink about it who's the barking dog another little ones. But I mean, like, Phil bark bark doesn't bark. He barks on rare. Haircare Asian like he gets locked down. He's out there for a while. Like, ooh, but it's like come open the door. Bark. I've noticed Brian. You could just because you have a little dog little dogs. Bark more than big dogs from what I've seen are. The door goes nuts on imagine. We'll be goes, obviously, how dog that's like a hunting dog like go out and find this bird like an Irish setters something measuring those dogs kind of bark a lot. And it was so creepy when I lived in the south bay every night walking on the strand up and down to walk. There were these giant. I think huskies just a post paying they don't buck. How it's crazy. Yeah. You can get him to help you in front of them. Yeah. I lived with one for while. God prints was his name. I rented during a particularly low point in my life. I rented a room of a girl that went to college. She went to college Joyce Lawford lift up in the Hebrew heights up there. She was divorced or widow or whatever it is. And then her her daughter went off the college, and it's an open room Brady like weird seventies time capsule house with the big dog and everything and I lived in the room. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I paid rent. And I just my plan was well, I could live in a nice house with this middle aged woman. It's like religious, and uptight and whatever, but I'm just going to live here sleep on the floor cook for you as it communal in any way. No, she had a kind of a weird it that that show that sort of relationship that you have a certain roommate through this kind of stay out of each other's way. But it's a little weird if you're trying to bring a girl home because I think she had like some rules and stuff, and I just kind of came and went. A fun dog. I remember that dog. That's That's right. right Robinson. All right. Let's bring it home. I'm Gina grad. And that's the news. That was the news with Gina grad. All right now, we have to put the Jin together and put it back in the bottle since don't can tell the difference. But someone tell Quesnel into us little of the is it see which one I like. Mother weird stain under the urinal. Kidding? It's been bothering me since I got here. So weird dark stain way under. Yeah. Us st. Right. See the cheapest. But it's okay. You see one of those show Hendrix to clean. First class organization. Chris we live in a palace. All right..

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