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The mets decided hey we're going to send stephen match to the bullpen or or whatever sends zack wheeler aaa i don't necessarily think match the next guy up and if he is the next guy up what would it be based on it'd be based on his name it'd be based on his resume it's all it would be based on because so far coming out of the bullpen it certainly not gonna be based on his performance the next guy up to me is either seth lugo corey oswal two guys who really haven't had a bullpen role define for them at this point you know when you look at this map bullpen familiar gazelle has kind of developed into one of the main holds guys same thing with aj romo's same thing with blevins as far as coming in to get a big lefty paul seawall has been treated more along guy seth lugo i don't think has a role we've seen amused in in different situations we've also seen him go long periods of time without pitching jacob raim is now a part of that rotation of coming up and coming down always walled gerson batista jacob rame they're all kind of in that boat and the same thing with matt harvey i don't think he has a role right now if he can pitch well he can define a role but so far in his to bullpen appearances he has not looked dominant here's what game he's looked mediocre he's look the same that'd be the way i would find these look the same let's get to your telephone calls the toll free number is brought to you by mohegan sun connecticut unlimited possibility at mohegan sun dot com we'll get into the nfl draft coming up let's go to steve out in cincinnati ohio what a beautiful city are you steve how are you one thing you touched on with your opening monologue about the yankees and the street that they're on right now and certainly holds true for the for the mets there is nothing like what a ten game winning streak can do for you during the course of the season so much auditor angst as this team is giving me right now the.

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