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Shea sorry to rupture thought no the only other party that i would say is at the top of my less is the one where what was it tom wherever and got in a fight it was that were tom punches the dj yes why can't james them i got him so sorry call them the dj carmen and remember j name but i love james sorry james i love you but i'm glad we got to experience all the new stuff in schinas life because then we got to flash back to the wedding mural ball which is always my favorite only god i as she said that she burned them all unlike those lifesize what would you even call them like the three d sega wedding photo experience i did notice she kept the headboard though with the jewels and now has a photo of herself in her bedroom yes yes uh i wanted to comment that me and sheena live the same life because i also have an entire room that's just my closet oh yeah that's night yeah my roommate moved out and some my other me my other remain move downstairs so i took the other room is just like a closet space while your fan never be able to live anywhere um so we here via stasi schinas very particular about her good side schinas version of hell is having to take her photo like this instead of like this every single photo that she takes it has to be the exact same angle he will refuse to take a photo if it's on her bad side can only take photos with the left side of her face i mean i think i need to learn my good side because literally any time anyone comes in the office and we take a picture of them i'm like well i'm burning mad arm never posting that photo i mean my thought was i wish i liked any side of my face.

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