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Up on the local AIDS also starts at Garfield. The accident to the Express Lane. But you've got people who are also gaping. So you've got that delay as well See to you members had until 11 59 last night. Vote yes, or known a deal to being them and students back into the classroom. WGN's Shannon Halligan has more to head back to the classroom includes more teacher vaccinations and metrics, allowing school closures of covert 19 infections spike to its wider members. However, union leaders did not make a recommendation on the plan. So if the union votes to approve it, the first group of students will head back to in person learning on Thursday, then the plan is to gradually return students to classrooms over the next few weeks. We have the 25,000 members of the union rejected proposal. Back to the bargaining table and possibly a strike with all those supply of doses of vaccine for co. But some people are gaming the system to move up to get the vaccine before they're supposed to. Another Alison or Wadi, telling our Steve Bertrand this after yesterday afternoon that everyone needs to just hang tight sooner than later. There'll be enough vaccine for everyone asking for people to just trust that as more vaccine gets here, you will get a vaccine. We've got all the plans. We got more than 500 providers enrolled on Dwyer going to get you your vaccine. It's been a long time. It's been a long year, but would just ask for some more patients there. Right now. Our bodies focuses on getting everyone in Group one be vaccinated, she expects once the city gets more vaccine, they'll be able to expand them or groups and have everyone vaccinated by summer. Mayor Lightfoot, responding to the Chicago restaurant Coalitions request the baby allowed to increase restaurant capacity. The mayor telling WGN TV is something that we spent some time talking about over the course of the weekend and I don't want to get ahead of the announcement that will make later this week. The coalition wants the mayor of the City Council to allow restaurants to raise capacity to 50% by this weekend. Valentine's Day one of the more profitable holidays for restaurants nationwide about, he said. Blow Big Dale of officially suspended the business license of a hotel where one person was killed and several others wounded in a shooting over the weekend. Details from WGN's Michael Mattera aspiring rapper killed while shooting a music video there after fight broke out Monk to large groups that Indian Lakes hotel. Five others have been injured. Village officials say there is a history of criminal activity at that hotel, its owner's voluntarily closed after the shooting. Hearing will be held later this month to determine if it can reopen. So it's Republicans joined Democrats yesterday voting in favor of the constitutionality of the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. News NATIONS Trevor Shirley, the substance this time around will be different. Last time you recall the Impeach the first impeachment trial focused largely on those complicated timelines and foreign leaders and recorded phone calls between the president of the United States and the president of Ukraine. This trial will be much more straightforward, focused instead, really, just On that period of about eight hours on January, 6th, which the whole world essentially watched, play out live and that Congress itself lived through President Biden's choice to have the Office of Management and Budget is apologizing for her words on Social media. Neera Tanden. It often taken aim at Republicans during her time leading a left leaning think tank. If confirmed, tended would be the first woman of color and the first South Asian to serve is head of that office. The FDA authorizing a new antibody drug from Eli Lilly for emergency use. The therapy uses a combination of two drugs to treat less severe cases of covert but are at high risk of a more serious.

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