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Rusting now man. I've tried hundred times. I use my smoke ex. I have that little thing that comes with me. And i can hold onto it and set it up on my coffee table. I'm watching jazz games. You know and just watch it. And and i don't have to mess with my phone at all. Turn it on get greasy. None of that. I really wanted to it. Just didn't it. Maybe it's the stuff. I'm using which you know to be fair as a lot so i don't think i'm gonna ever use wifi for me. Just doesn't make sense. Unless i'm you know i can see it being cool to us because i do document my cooks a lot especially in competition to be able to see the fluctuations different stuff in certain temperatures outside. Because it's really cold here. It'd be nice to see how that pit runs consistently you know and it has those graphs and stuff. Which is the only thing i could see myself using at four but again i just don't have the patience for it so i'd rather just have that little connection to my smoke accent today. What about john. Well for me. I do use it. And there's only the only reason. I use it as i write product reviews so i want to have a really good familiarity. I want to be really familiar with how wi fi works out. Different manufacturers how easy they are to connect and it's one of those things a lot of manufacturers. If you don't use it you lose it. So i do use it on wi file. Wifi enabled cookers own to stay familiar with it. If i'm cooking for myself on anything else. There's nothing wifi attached to that thing at all. I don't even want to use a remote read thermometer nine times out of ten insta read. That said i'll cook. But i do use them for that one purpose. All right go ahead give us a couple year agenda items here for us to toss around. Okay i've got one main. One one thing about the wi fi the best use of it is the pellet sensor so when you're almost out of pellets it'll ping and let you know that you're almost about i. I do use it for that. I actually ran out of pellets on my ranger this weekend. So that the sometimes you you better be careful. What what you get used to okay. We're in texas of course when we get mad. We we to secede from the union. So what are we doing. We have yet another texas site sanctioning body. That's that's come out so you know we've got ibca everyone's familiar with ibca we've got we've got lonestar barbecue society. We used to have the gulf coast. If you remember that and then Central texas barbecue association and last year. I didn't even really know about it but it started up. It's called the texas barbecue society so now we've got the new one if you haven't heard it's called the champions barbecue alliance and it's been started by fred. Robinson reidy trevino two well-known cooks in the in the state they've if rusty you may have met at the up at the american royal. Fred i think is the reigning american royal champion. If you will so There was a little snafu with ibca and and The memberships that lapsed with the with some board members including fred and roddy and stuff. And so they were unable to participate in in the function of the board and so now they are going off in starting on their own and they've got a lot of support You know they're trying to fix some of the things that are wrong with texas scoring. You're gonna have score sheets. They're gonna score sheets. They had their first trial Conscious this weekend with twenty teams. They're going to score sheets with comments. They're going to have. We'll have four tornadoes. They're adding pork you just like. Kcbs to the the turn-ins so and then they're going to be one hour apart so we're only going to have two rounds now. Different than you know the survivor. You know that we have in texas and stuff. So they're fixing some of the things that are that are major problems in texas if you if you have twenty teams or one hundred teams. They only really call out the top ten. You don't know if you've finished eleventh or or one hundred now you're going to know where you finished if you're first or if you're dead asked last so you're going to know that so. They're trying to fix a lot of the problems that that could have had with texas scoring all the all the judging is going to be done on mobile devices speaking of you know wi fis etc. All the judging is going to be on appearance taste texture and appearance is going to be. The you know the Less than taste and texture but there is going to be some some grading on appearance With different than you know in the past it was just one score so You know fifty bucks a year to be a member in those sorts of things so it. I think it's gonna be interesting. So as as they go forward you know competing against Ibca in some of the other sanctioning bodies and they have designs of going out side of texas. John thought i got nothing on that one. I can't say no. I'm not saying it. I'll say later rusty. I think it's great man more barbecue stuff to cook. That's sign me up. Dude i'm to texas. That's gonna be awesome. I'm really excited about it. I think fred's a good dude and i I saw some videos are doing and at the first cook they had you know. And it's just it's going to be really exciting so I i mean. I've been made me go to texas anyway so i might just out there. Doug maybe you can meet me out there and we can finally compete head to head I think rose down the challenge to doug. We're gonna we're gonna go. The gauntlet has been thrown. unless right. well. I mean. I i've had Any number of really good conversations with fred romas here on the show i think from a cook standpoint. The few as prolific winning really big contest is. He's had you know many of the best barbecue competition cooked across the country. Consider fred to be one of the most accomplished barbecue cooks out there. And he's done the texas style fees done. Kcbs stuff he's done world through championships and finished. I think he'd reserved the One of the year's over at World through championships. So he certainly could cook. There's no doubt about it. You know from a competition standpoint Let me preface this thing. I'm not a barbecue competitor. But i've been around since the show has been born if i if i have the number right if we can remove texas gulf coast because that was swallowed by. Ibca right a couple of years ago so there's one two three there's five existing competition sanctioning bodies in texas ibca lone. Star this ct. Whatever the hell you said it was the texas barbecue grand champion thing and the the new one texas bobby. I forgot to mention their texas barbecue. Society is molding into the champions barbecue alliance thus the alliance so we're still back four swallowing it. So in one state there are four different sanctioning bodies to me. that could wreak of. If you have two quarterbacks you don't have one Certainly variety's the spice of life. But as you go through the rest of the country you have florida. Barbecue association I think there are still like south carolina barbecue sociation Might be still existing. You have kcbs. Obviously and you have the saint louis barbecue society. I think that might be it. So the memphis. Yeah okay For one but so you so you you either have exactly. The same. Number of sanctioning bodies for every other state. Outside of texas and texas has the same amount within. I think that might be a little bit of a of an issue. But i don't know. I mean a fred fred and rod or beside it was or putting this together and They.

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