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And then beating in the postseason this team is coming out of the gate, as you mentioned, it just seems like it's year after year after year like this. If you Trey Bradley Beal is that blowing it up even though he's your most valuable player. That's why sort of an odd situation, you might get some pieces back, but isn't the locker room the same isn't the effort the same. It doesn't feel like that's blowing. It doesn't feel like that's changing your trajectory. No, I have to get wall out of there. Really? It starts with the head. No, that's probably true. But I just who who toss them selves into Trey JAL. You're there is no one tradable contracts. Any isn't whole MBA talent at times for sure we've seen? I think if one goes almost the other has to go as well. And you have decided direction of these same starting again with young applies and draft picks, and sort of basically my leeann this season, maybe next or you tried one of them and decide okay, we're going to try to win just a different pace in it. But I don't the can do both. I think it's one or the other. But don't you think John Wall Street value will only go down? I know his. Contract will be shorter. But I think there are other bad contracts out there, and we've seen this before where they could go on tradable. Yeah. Someone bought on fish? Official. They'll give back it might cost with another pick to get rid of it as we see his monster contract here. And there is a monster trade kicker if he is this part of the numbers. But that's something that the Washington Wizards would have to pay it just seems like a very talented guy. Again. I don't think it's true values going up the further you really get into this season. I think it might be time to just do it right now. And you got guys like Bradley Beal, who's a very calm serene guy saying acting out in practice as reports go that he's tired of seeing this issue for seven years, and it's time to move on. Yeah. That no not at all right fun here. All right. Not since lady bird had people been so excited about something from Sacramento, but then the kings went and kings all up because not only did they lose back back gang to fall to five hundred on the season Young's, Kris Haines, also reported. The team is upset the Davey ager doesn't play their young players enough. We're falls. The kings are still the kings. They can't get out of their own way. Sometimes Sacramento things are going so well, and if you if you'll miss it today Gaiger is you're gonna play these young goes and that should have been the message from the start of the season, which it didn't appear to be because peed. The David had the right to do whatever he wanted and things are working. Now, if this report is true in the front play, the younger goes, okay? He can do that. But they're going to be on another losing streak and things are gonna go down Iligan. So I don't know really what to make of this. I think has had some success. But if he's being told to do other things that he's all choice are the do that. And then the season's going to be bad coach to try to win. But then you might lose your job in the long run. Spot there. Eight eight things are good. That's good. And part of the reason why they are good is because they're not starting Marvin Bagley to me they're starting to mind to be elites the four spot. So they can stretch it out, and so Willie Cauley sign is a five who can the remedy can't shoot. Are. You gonna start Marvin Bagley. What's the point to non-shooters in there? And the mind you be Lisa's modern day four to to keep that floor space than he's fourth on minutes. There were twenty five minutes a game. He's thirty years old. I guess he's a little aged for the the front offices liking if you believe this report. But that's what go for exactly. So it's imperfect spot he's keeping the floor open. I think he's a huge reason. Why deer and FOX is having a fantastic season because there's some space out there and he's kicking buddies leading the leading the team in three point percents. I think it's a perfect fit kings are gonna say the kings two thousand thirteen fourteen season. They started five and one doing great cousins got sick..

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