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And get it to the lowest price that usually <hes> we could get to a point way. Everyone's happiness push the endorsement for by two as we work towards awards wrapping up in. Is there anything else you wanna far look of a got a couple more. The mine wants to me was when it when we're told here at the property saw auden garcetti said <hes> abs- on seventy million dollars property <hes> what's the most interesting property that she's had listed sell. Yes yeah i i like. I like to sell anything. That's different so i i'm really proud of some of the us sold is a solitary cynical which has been in life. I i don that twice in six weeks. That property is that what what what six weeks appearance all strategy was person border and you know he bought it and then he was inaugurated by rabbis inviting you to come out not says property and he was going to develop it into apartments. The rabbis didn't want to do that so he started to have real food food and he said oh my god by the community can can you sell things get out of it without losing likely it was a rabbi from new york at came on a rescue mission at was things the cynical was repossessed which is unusual thing and so i sold it fully mortgage and and it was really good outcome so this catholic person boorda heating started heavy guilt complex thing he was doing the wrong thing <hes> developing and then we he's found another boss from new york. Rabbi had the money in he on became board and again. <hes> six guys guy swill profit out of it which got him out of these m._g._d. And all that kind of thing and then they developed an education for jewish community which is fantastic outcome so that was very i was very very happy and very proud of that. When that one <hes> went ahead and then i sold a church of england church will lose being wound and that's now oh a childcare center which is great for the community in that area so that was good. I saw this place called. Hilltop in the middle of <hes> up in the up in the southern in highlands of sydney has sold at five point two five million to one of my old conkland and who's looking for hospitals and it's nowhere near the beach. The magnet is very lucky that that was six hundred acres averaged three hundred acres with plead with magnificent house on it and that was also one of my old customers that property and then it was very beautiful transit onto a national pot had to generate electricity your own water because it was really in the middle of nowhere near forty minute drive on a dirt ride to get to it. I love when you got big lasted. I took on a helicopter from sydney import on sunday sunday morning at nine o'clock in the morning and we flew <hes> from from the run on the main runway. Let it was an ice radiate crafted at the other end of the runway wearing these helicopter. We took off a slew up for the pilot. We landed property and on a sunday morning. That was really highlight. That was on mother's listen to. We flew back to the airport. I dreamt on on the sex. That was tested. I couldn't put a price on that was amazing now. That's the big guy which is a perfect segue into m._r. Phone or christian which is around <hes> you've gone from mechanic <hes> working for all royston and also in sales agents for rolls ross bentley and and the siamese and now you voted your own bentley. Obviously that's part of the service proposition that you're doing. You've gone full circle and you've obviously been very lucky so share with us. Walk that means to you in regards to <hes> the financial position that you've been outta get the celtics and the what at sort of has keeping you and your family regards to funding so security jamil i'm not i know i haven't been all that but that's probably miami indulgence. Actually i really like the simple things in may twelve about exercising aiding rochford and sleep getting enough sleep and all that company because i've seen lots of lots of money that are very unhappy. I got us a wannabe in that but the money side of tomase not really the main focused. I know if you sell the properties on the and all that kind of thing but <hes> now dan extravagant offerings better just just go to work and be done with love work none of which and that's the message we're trying to convey to play pool that the money using the happiness <hes> lucknow your greatest is is an experience getting an helicopter flying. It's appropriate jumping. That's you know we we we believe everyone in our great abundance scenario the top exuberance and all that doesn't make people happy dozen. No i think burana think you're going to have a purpose so i think if you can just as happy being amended mechanic goes i was selling causes was chilling houses united states awesome happened. I've used jumped going from one thing to the others thought it was probably bennington unsure awakens madman cancun still be very happy. It was us so very good friends with <unk>. I used to work with and we're in touch all the time and all that happy. It's a i think sometimes having too much is really really a bad thing. I've seen a lot of problems have removed too much so my advice is impetus in poland. Just don't try to have too much said so to make sense. Yes absolutely health. Trump amount and your family know that you'll be very happy. Absolutely health is real wealth to final one's one john if someone was listening to this podcast and i did wanna buy synagogue or church of england whole. How much would i need to <hes> to have to buy that site that that was a long time ago that soon gonna think from memory the last time we saw to think what we don't think it was twelve noon twelve matola hub and the church will was just two million. That's we sold on a modest the land from ben for the synagogue and my phone one is investing in property as i personal wealth creation vehicle for yourself personally stanley where where does that sit in in iran <hes> views on how you approach where you park on. I'm a big believer in that my wife and i we have quite a few properties that we use and we what i do if i can afford to. I'll just buy unit and all like a tube general wonder you know rinse it out so what i've looked at as you can compile haas of the property then with the way the interest rates are and all that kind of the the rent that comes in pretty much is the the other half off so you just have to exciting up save enough haas h. and just buying another property. I find i found the best investment strategy because the clients <hes> i've laid not will continue to increase in value ease and rents will continue to increase safety. Can it in there and you can honed and it's the best formula well said well said now been just checking with you any finals. I'm good all i remarkable. Let's say it's been an absolute pleasure to have you on the property. Catch the just the insults of <hes> something that you do daily gone through all the properties in recent jason suburbs of sydney dealing with people <hes> with <hes> budgets that allow them to buy that. It's been nice for us to get a little bit of an insider's look on that looks lock walk in them. We appreciate you sharing the insults. We hype communities really enjoyed the stories and <hes> good luck four fleet. <hes> you know we see you on the <hes> the one next door at sixty million thank you thank you very much. Thomas graham speaking might have many good allies were in that. I mean even for me. The big one was in regards to how the mindset of the wealthy and how they act very similar to people who have probably laugh chris xeros on the back of wealth position but seinfeld of principles. I mean he was sort of signing. You know real estate fabulous investment. I do do think about it in the context just a guy with a few zeros up some great mindset takeaways in terms of these successful business people boo practicing way teaching which is what i agree what i really love to his he didn't know complicated early as he was a mechanic and then just this this natural progression to being into the styles of the business that he's a bottle yep and then for a lot of people including myself reflect on you think all dealing with appropriate seventeen nineteen million <hes> you could probably get intimidated out of that took but he's going more just talking to a person i i bought a car from me so just a real aside from it was pragmatic in very true balance <hes> <hes> very to himself and congratulations since to the business that he's built and all the people that he saved because it sounds like they are all pretty happy customers. I old pretty heavy including chinese by being toil off stall from that he's yeah we'll take it so it's model in fact i've been comes from sandy nips who one of our wonderful vase diamond the plan. This is the right into our site so here's their life hack into money hacks. When you go to the supermarket you often see autumn's on style and are presented with the do you are already. Have this at hun will should i just bought since it's on special this week also money often we found that we'd see products. We always bond on special so we bought them and then realize we already had enough to last us until the product on special again in a few weeks pin. Oh this is essentially <hes> parking taking money in the pantry. You'll love this rather than packing it. In the primary offset account ross almost word for woman so we have started doing now is looking at the weekly specials email that out supermarket emails us most loyalty programs g will lease keep track of the autumns you buy. There's a little effect been the loyalty points you so they can actually tell what you actually ninety marci keep track of the orangey aw and tyler the emails to you to let you know when the.

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