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Is Mike Williams? The sport. Thank you Lawrence. The head of the United States anti-doping agency has urged the World Anti-Doping Agency to stop being played by Russia. Travis tiger comments come after Russia failed to meet the December. Thirty first deadline to handle the previously withheld athlete data from its Moscow laboratory water now says it will refer the issue to its compliance review committee Tigard as urged that the Russian anti-doping agency now be declared compliant, and therefore reinstate the ban on rushland Russian athletes, taking part in major competitions searching to football and in the Premier League Spurs got their title challenge. Back on track the bullheads Sophie's name rolls into the bottom. Eriksson has a chance on the edge of the ball. Tony's right foot shirts, low bottom tone out inside the penalty area. Sean Kane Ericsson and saw have now all scored in the first offered Cardiff beaten already Kartik Nell taught in three three goals in twenty three minutes from hurricane. Chris generics. In an young men song wraps up. A three nil victory for Tottenham over Cardiff. It means the Spurs of closed the gap on leaders Liverpool for now at least to six points. There were also wins on New Year's day for LeicesteR. It'd be Everton one nil at Goodison Park for arsenal. Beat Fulham four one Greenwich jacket was one of the full goalscorers at the Emirates in the Swiss midfielder was pleased with his team's marked improvement from the five one thrashing received at Liverpool in that previous game is always good for confidence for us. I wake sound for defenders. Yeah. Clean sheet wants not retire best. And we have another six games taking place in the Premier League later on Wednesday, including Newcastle against Manchester United. It's James's Park. The biggest match of this round of fixtures. Actually takes place on Thursday there. That's the as third-placed Manchester City, host leaders Liverpool. In tennis, the Australian Open champion. Caroline wozniacki. Continued her build up four Melbourne with a straight sets win over Laura Sigmund of Germany at the Auckland classic in New Zealand for Patrick Evita, though was knocked out Boston darts. The number one seed Michael Van Gogh in one a third world darts championships idol with a seven three victory over England's Michael Smith at Alexandra palace in London. It's the third time. The Dutchman has won the PD title. Nerves and I used against did. Joplin phenomenal. To make any mistakes and writings in moment. I've give.

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