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Fulfill your dreams as an artist and i wanna get in seen work later today we're gonna do scene where great be excited for that that's a big opportunity for somebody who's a pretty big casting director actually to a as well as as many other talents to see you do see more but for now we're going to get into some theory and please do welcome as davenport and he's gonna talk a little bit about what he does thank you thank you so much for having me here i think i love that you're doing this sean i really think this is a beautiful it's a beautiful idea i'm so excited deal in bad i tell so many people about died the you believe is sean is doing the slick wonderful sharing a yeah and a lot of them are like on kinda sounds like you're ever thing i'm like no it's not it's it is very different of gosh as whole new thing yeah i mean they said was giving of us but hollywood no no no it's like a ma it is this is not will have said that yes let narrow they said you should i mean so you must be like getting a little pieces radio ad why would i why would i get any if like it's it is a completely different concepts that almost implies that my range is so narrow that there's really only one bit ieave and have access to and that i need to somehow it i know these same three or four joe or and over again and not so crazy so insulting and the ideas he wanted to get a piece of it so dear different do you know who said that to me tell me those engineer breath was bread engineer brett brett wendy chew bring rent asked me to coffee own no u and yeah own known what your daughter i had a the the so i don't like cops young any anymore yeah but i like environment live i it it's like you book everywhere you look very this cutting you know about the environment some of this a green stuff.

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