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I'm not gonna pay you overtime. Of course if they if they i know them they're good workers and if i have to pay him over. Time is fine but You know like you told them you sometimes the loss or the lawmakers or you know they they don't see they don't see the other way he did not been in situations like i've been in being a worker now been charged farm. You know like this is lots of lots of things than than than to check on both sides and yeah if somebody mistake well you know. He's like everything had to pay for it if we do. You know if. I do a mistake i i. I'm considered you know I recognized my mistake you consequences. Well that's the things. But are we can use paulie Lawmakers they need they need. They need to make sure that they can talk to people about it because Sometimes you know the other. They tried to help by then then. They're not helping. You know the the us doing more more. Why is that. Why aren't they helping like with this overtime thing. But don't workers make more money than or how. How does it really work than they do. They do they make more money. Yes but they for some reason. They forced into us work. Forty hours like Like the unions or like some unions like you. Say all the union saturday same. Everything's different but But they need to. They need to ask the work of his copy. The way the hill leaving Because they make more money but they need to pay more taxes to And in in in some benefits than like like here like in my position i'm given You know the housing You provide housing for your reply housing. i do. They have to pay you for that. No for free no. So that's that's that's india worth a lot of money so we'll use provide the house in one week of of vacations and another one another week Paid so there I just shared beef with them. No we use Get a well the steer something in and you send into the butcher plant in spread the metoo them and so they have Helping some to financial if if the if the if they really need In all like everything. Sometimes they have emergencies like like. You told me it's okay. Spar spot of the of the to be in this in this place. Sometimes you know if they don't see those good benefits and all the ones you know. They had lots of farmers to help and more or they give more incentives and a lot of the year. Yeah us do. Some christmas bonus to So all that I think is good. I think it's good to to to to treat him that way that way they can. It can feel comfortable to than you care about them. Plus you know every single day you have to just like like. I told him every saturday with us. is a lady than she's selling tamales. So i'm buying tamales every saturday. Yeah so you have to treat him like part of your team and and they are because without without Without employer Without employers. Sometimes they they kinda little lost but without employees in an employer here. So i told them i'm i'm evenly you guys with a different kind of schedule to do. But i'm not considered myself above them or below them..

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