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Don't like them admittedly this is traumatic result for them it's a traumatic result for many republicans who can't handle it still that's the thing that's driven this in the beginning they couldn't win the election and other trying to stop but they think to be a travesty from occurring outside the electoral process let me get a little weather pike sixes tom walks periods of showers and thunderstorms tonight heavy rain is possible low fifty eight we've had this situation all day was heavy thick fog along the lakefront that's ruled in and out depending on whether or not the winds are coming from the east or not and tonight variable winds and that's why you're gonna see the temperature again kind of bounce around a little bit but that's thick dense fog that was still kind of really hazy opined our studios and along the lakefront very very chilly and the temperatures and bouncing around all over the place when the breeze comes off the lake a little bit the temperature drops and so on and this has been going on really all the way down to chicago a very kind of gray crappy weather along the lakefront and so on but otherwise muggy here it's very saturated here with all this stuff out there so heavy rain is possible again through this has been a lot of rain over the last few days is you know for tomorrow morning thunderstorms clearing later in the day where we had earlier hopes that tomorrow it'd be at the seventy that's not going to happen because the winds are going to be out of the northeast five to fifteen should stay in the sixties we're hopeful now for for wednesday wednesdays forecast partly sunny with a high of seventy five tuesday partly sunny seventy eight friday partly sunny seventy six do expect near lake michigan all through this period temperatures to be cooler so long as we have easterly winds and significantly cooler as well that's going to be the case into the lake warms up even knowing the milwaukee charlotte skill only in the forties that water temperature which is very cold this late in the season.

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