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And he's been on, he's been on TV all the time about it but he makes a point that it's not accurate to say that only nine thousand. because. Some of those co morbidity. Really, are conditions that can be related to a cova death like pneumonia, but it's probably fair to count that in a few others. So Berenson did is he went through it and he said, let's take. The Co Morbidity is that clearly weren't related to Cova death even though Kobe was on the death certificate and he pointed out Alzheimer's. Dementia cancer and unintentional. Injury member, we talked about the motorcycle accident that was covert suicides there a section where suicides are listed as. So he says, if you take out those that were clearly not related to cove it, even leaving things like diabetes and obesity because that can be related even if you're so conservative, you do it that way by his estimate, there were about fifty thousand. Certificates covert certificates assuming no double counting, which certainly could be the case but that is a far cry. If even if you leave those things in fifty thousand deaths rather than one, hundred, sixty, some thousand deaths that is a regular flu season of I think in eighteen, we had eighty thousand deaths. So it's clearly even if you approach a very conservatively and you don't want to say only nine thousand, there's clearly something that's changed since these numbers have come out the one statistic that I don't think we're going to see and someday somebody might try to sort it out but we very controversial is the. Genetic cause. Because doctors do make mistakes and sometimes for political reasons of all sorts of things. But they make mistakes everybody that got put on a respirator was done with the intent of doing what they thought was the right thing and turns out. I. Don't think any doctors now say get them on a respirator. Fast. This'll hit head off the seriousness of the disease as sort of thing and I don't know. I. Don't see them soon sorting and I say it was the treatment. What about the denied treat move hydroxy chloroquine you know. That's still up in the air though I have a strong opinion about that and I think that the FTC..

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