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Al yankovic is fifty nine soccer legend Pele at seventy eight Martin Luther King, the thirty sixty one historic birthdays football legend, John Heisman was born in Cleveland on this day in eighteen sixty nine and my parents could not afford to buy me birthday presents. So what they did they hung up Kenyatta from the ceiling filled with cow chips. Star of the tonight show the late Johnny Carson was born ninety three years ago today in Corning Iowa time now for our digital pro Kim commando the very first so called cord cutters. Got rid of their landlines the NextWave cancelled cable TV and now cord cutters are for their internet connection. But is it for everyone Kim Komando with your consumer tech update? Get extended interviews tech news with their free commando podcasts. Available on apple podcasts and Google play. Thanks to cell phones about forty six percent of all homes. No longer have a landline. The number of homes that subscribe to cable TV declined ten percent or the last seven years the streaming now, and that leaves the internet connection standing, can you cancel it too. If you don't stream post or shop online all that much. You might be able to cut your internet court and switched to your say their carrier and use a hot spot know that an unlimited plan is not unlimited. Would you so much data? Carrier slows down your connection. And if you have spotty cellular coverage at home the wanna keep accord, no matter what I'm WCBS eight eighty digital pro Kim commando, everyone knows that insurance is important.

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