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The following discussion took place at an ivy ideas natan los angeles featuring fashion icon and legendary designer rachel roy innis live conversation with ivs director of strategic relationships sarah zap british gas's her path to founding her own brands and our belief in using our entrepreneurial spirit as a force for good reason to our conversation with rachel roy this episode of the ivy podcast is presented by smartwater what makes smart water so smart it starts with a little inspiration from the clouds nature's pure source of water smartwater copies those puffy white clouds in creating vapor dstld purity cure perfection smartwater also has electrolytes which helps give it that clean chris taste clouds will always be the inspiration since the weather's vapor distilled for purity purity you can taste hydration you can feel jews smartwater or smartwater sparkling today and at your local retailer you know what guys i am so excited to have rachel roy here not only because of her great success but because of the way that i have seen her in this town really contribute and really be a passionate advocate for wanting change rachel roy is the founder and creative director of her namesake line it has been ten years where she has really use the rachel roy brand to help people understand their limitless potential she is also an adviser in a real advocate for world of children which helps underprivileged children she recently launched kindness is always fashionable though really brought together a philanthropic approach to doing business with what she loves fashion and it's not what she does it truly is who rachel roy is so put your hands together for rachel rai.

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