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Right pittsburgh steelers fans jeff hartmann here again. Second half mailbag wednesday. That's right the shooter. Mcgavin gives or back if you want to follow me on twitter again at j hartman h. Ertms underscore p. I t. every tuesday. Put out a tweet. Hey you know the drill ceelo questions. Y'all did not disappoint we close to thirty again. I'm gonna do. These rapid fire tried to get through as many as i can. Who am i game. I'm going to do them all so if you stay a little bit later. Alright you pass no murray all right our own. Mattie pevsner from the touchdown undock crew. He says what are the steelers. Gonna dump benny snell and just go with bala jr balaj. I'm sorry i haven't said his name so long. I just mispronounced it. He's you can't you can tell them mcfarland. Juniors injury is a big loss to their plans. So i do think that anthony mcfarland did. They did have a plan for him. And it was to kind of spell as harris at times nonetheless with that said until mcfarland comes back. I don't see any news being made on that depth chart at all in on top of that i will. Honestly i put money on it that when macfarlane returns in his healthy that it'll be balaj that goes then. He's not a drafted player. I think he was third or fourth round. Pick can't remember which they value. There's they're not gonna wanna just dump those players. That's what my that's a little bold prediction there. When mcfarland comes back it'll be balaj. They gets released. Alright grant has s. You lease says already here you go given what we have seen from the steelers. The past few seasons as mike tomlin become complacent in as he now too comfortable in his position. I don't think so if you remember up until this past offseason i believe in mike tomlin was entering the final of his contract in that is rare for the steelers. They typically want their coaches locked up two years ahead of time and he got a three year extension. They put some faith in him. But i he was kinda feeling it a little bit. I don't think he's too comfortable. When you coach in pittsburgh the fan base tells you this if you're not winning super bowls you're not doing your job and he hasn't won the super bowl hasn't been to a super bowl in a long time so i think he he's feeling the heat i don't think he's complacent at all next question. So dash says. What do you think about the role of derek three million dollar campaign and we're not using him hashtag rather die crew. Thank you for using the hashtag sebastian for me. They can't do anything right. Offensively right now and then running the ball. You kind of wonder if derek what would just kind of get lost in the mix might. Tom was asked about this on tuesday. He said it's all on the table as an option. There's not sure what's gonna happen. My question is if they're not using him. Why not based on the fact that in training camp my goodness it's all we heard derek on the wheel route. Derek watt on the flat. Derek wa derek wide. I mean all this stuff you wanna see it. Come to fruition on the football field. We'll see if it happens but I would like to see them. Use him some even. If it's just short yardage goal line something my goodness you're paying the guy. Three million like you said. Next question mendez. Talk of bringing talk of taco charleston is wives injuries. Worse than the team is leading on jomar jamir jones not quite ready so he obviously asked this question before was made official that the steelers did bring in taco charleston to their practice. Squad in my me reading into this is just. He is insurance. If alex highsmith or tj wad cannot play so because remember highsmith was on the injury. Report with tomlin's said that he had a groin is instead that might limit him. So if you're sitting there in the uk if if what and highsmith they're both out what are you gonna deal. Are you gonna go into a game. Which amir jones. And melvin ingram. Sarah guys you got it. One hundred percent of the snaps. Go get him. No you need some dave insurance and that's talk at charlton. So that's why they brought him in. I think it's just insurance to be completely honest next question. Pittsburgh bought he says. Do you think the early struggle from the offense and lack of creativity from candidate system is due to scheme trouble or letdown. What's the fix to me. I don't put blame on that canada. I don't put blame on anyone other than right now. The offensive line. I think it's the o line letdown. They need to do better in every single facet of their job if they can do that and this is something that i said this on monday. I was very devout in my thoughts. On how the was just playing really really bad football and i was on the steelers app and i watched a segment with merrill hodge. Cray wilfley might presume in mri matthews is kind of directing traffic. And i listened to these guys in merril hodge and craig wolseley. Both who played in the national football league. Often side of the ball. Were talking about you. Know what i was saying is what they were saying. That yes -nology harris is doing some things he he's very rookie ish. But the offensive line's not getting the job done. And i was like okay. A little bit of validation. For jeff. Little validation for jeff. So i think it's the offensive line in the big and fix that everything else should open up. But we'll see it's not that let me rephrase. Listen to the cutting room floor with jeffrey.

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