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You can do all of that on your own. Because most of the information we go over you can find on the Internet but when when you have somebody who has who understands the processes and oftentimes has been there done that. They bring those those experiences to the table. So that the new springboard and you're not having to spend years trying to put it together you get to spend months putting putting it together and having the same change that they've been through themselves so true absolutely. That's that's the real value right there. Isn't it yeah. Yeah yeah well I think today in this day and age back to the idea of knowledge you know it used to be that before you know you could google anything and find it out. In split-second people did have people who had knowledge and experience. That was their ace in the hole but nowadays when the knowledge is prevalent to everybody. Then it's like okay the ill loses its value and then the real value comes in in being able to like rewire ourselves. Doesn't it's like a new way of a new way of being. Yes yes and it really comes down to the relationship you know. Oh and how do you create relationships that motivates people to want to change and that impact. That's empowering right right. It's I think it's that continual process of yes. I'm GonNa teach you some things but also I'm going to empower you and I'm going to help you see how how amazing you are an how wonderful you are and how you can reach any goal and do anything that you Have thought thought that you might want to do you know and so that's really. I think we're the POW where the difference comes. It's a piece of. It is in the knowledge the biggest piece of it is the empowerment components. And it's hard to get empowered in a single state you know. Empowerment oftentimes often talents between connection with others totally. Yeah then name reflecting back at you like you said your way. You're thinking and different experiences. uh-huh yeah you definitely definitely need each other in in so many ways because of that. Yes absolutely I want to chat briefly about this idea You know that's come up a couple of times in our conversation Because I think it's really critical in going back to this idea of too big of change too fast vast and being overwhelmed and Making these kind of micro changes because again I just think I think that. Stop so many people they they have a goal in their mind kind of all. I want 'cause it's nice to paint a picture of how he won our lives to be but then addressing that deep chasm that exists between where we are and where we're going. I think some people just go well. What's the point right? But so what are some ways that you keep people. Keep your clients into this this kind of gradual process. I know you've touched on a few but I just think it's really critical for people to be aware that. Hey it is like baby steps big time to get where you're going So I think it's a combination of things it's First of all we have to have that big goal. What's the big dream right because there's no that's it's really what they're wanting but then it's breaking it down into smaller goals and smaller successes and creating those successes quickly right so then that builds on okay? I can do this one small thing but I think oftentimes what what happens for people if they you know. Let's say I make it in. You know fifty thousand a year right now and I WANNA make three hundred thousand next year. Will we have to get clear on what are all the processes. If Michael is just I WANNA make three hundred thousand dollars And I don't have any idea around on what that looks like then I'm GonNa stop completely and I'm not GonNa do anything about it except have this dream that I wanna make three hundred thousand dollars and so really backtracking it Starting with some and we always start with the mindset piece because it's those thoughts what's that get in our head that Keep us from moving forward so starting with the mindset piece but then also breaking it down into smaller pieces and okay okay. Maybe that's your five year dream and for the next year. What's your next year dream? And how are we going to get you that much. Closer to the five year Dream Name and then in the next three months. What are we going to accomplish to get you that much closer and then again breaking down by month by week? Hey I like it Tell me about your your ideal client if you have one or what. What kind of experience around that you you have? So I'm my ideal client is Women who are really looking for transformation women who No there is an inner superhero inside of them but they have just gotten to the space in life where they have been saying yes to so many other people have forgotten about themselves and and are ready to suit up and put their Cape on and create the life that they want for themselves. What about Future projects projects or future things on your list of things to implement or to be bigger service bigger impact in the world anything on the horizon either nearer far. You're yes so I'm looking at pulling together a weekend. Retreat I think as women we we don't don't do enough connecting with each other and really having meaningful connections so I'm working on pulling together a weekend retreat and I'm hoping My goal is this summer that will be putting that on And then yeah and then pulling together some Some Group coaching sessions. So again community is better for Healing and making progress quickly than individual in S. Not Better but it's another avenue for it and Suran is a different. It's different type two. It gives more different perspectives. Doesn't exactly exactly so pulling together some Group coaching but really my goal is helping women connect and understand that we all have fear we all have. We've all been to those places that feel really deepen dark and scary. And and they aren't as deep dark and scary as we think they are and so creating space for that to happen. I love it. I love that I gotTa tell. Oh you again back to this idea of like you mentioned the retreat on. Sounds like an awesome thing again. It's so simple. Things that Heke Nieve us can get away but when it's done and gives us the space to change and transform and grow. That's when again back to invaluable right. You know that giving you're giving yourself time to do those things where usually on people's to do list. It's not okay. Take an hour out of the day to tune in and check. TUCK myself right. There's no time for that. We don't make time for that as much as we should exactly exactly and so. This is will really be about making time to do that. Making time to you. Connect we get so ungrounded and so creating space to ground ourselves and to learn how to ground ourselves and to Have Community and start creating community into no. I'm not alone in this process. I'm not alone own in this feeling of you know whereas my life gotten me or am I in this space is really important. It is another great idea topic that you've brought up. Is this idea that we're not alone at super good. I'm glad you said that because that's how it happens when we when when we kind of struggle and try to do it ourselves we think okay. I'm the only one going through this. But when you hear twenty other people are like Oh I feel a a little better exactly and I have some tools at the end of the weekend that I can take home and not only do. I have tools but I have new friends that I have met. Who have gone through the same thing that I can reach out to and And I've got a plan for myself and I have a vision for myself and and I've rejuvenated. I have been in nature. I have spent some time away from everything that's feels like. It's chaos producing thing in my life and I've been able to get centered again so true so true so as we wrap up here. Why don't you share how people can get in touch with a sheriff as as many ways as that you would like us to know? And I'll also include this information in the show notes at G.. Mark Phillips Dot Com so people can find it beneath your episode. But give us tell us where people can get in touch with you to learn more about your work retreats all that stuff wonderful thank you yes so you can go to my website. The site it's Denise Johnson Dot Com or you can email me at denise at Denise.

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