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Because they all live there? Do you think we don't have enough where we have, like? Six? At one point it just Mayor Barrett got hope now. Oh, and apologies. Josh Jamal. So it's about you. Hmm. It's North Dakota, not Montana. Somebody tells me It's cool. I want to be right. Same thing. It is. It is remarkably similar to the Coke. You know, they have North and South Dakota. Why did he just make one Dakota? What was the need? We don't have North and South Wisconsin. We had 49 states you needed to get to the even That's not how the numbers laid. It played out. The Hawaii was the 50th Day. It's not that they had nothing to do that. I just I think it's interesting. I mean, who is are I don't want to be. You know, a guy that just wants the heavy male voice, But let's be honest. The voices CNN, right? I mean, hello. Yeah, it's a male voice. You need wood, Brett Farve. Actually Bret Farve when he's Maybe it's his morning voice. I don't know, but he he could probably approach that. And maybe maybe we're missing somebody obvious, and I'm waiting for the textures to chime in and tell me because I don't have the text line up with me. That's one thing in the exact but there's got to be a voice that represents what's best about Milwaukee. Yeah, I like that idea. You need someone to narrate our story. And a deep voice would be nice Female voice. A raspy one. You know, it's like you just need the deepness of grass Penis. Somebody says The Hulk is from Kenosha. Did I Oh, okay. Yeah, That's enough. One. Yeah, Very good. Nice. Nice one. Text. Rachel Brosnahan. Yes, from Let's see here. The marvelous Miss Mazel And Jake has Merrick from Rod. Yes, only narrates things for the Pottawatomie. The zoo the late from the Dear District. I did not know that. Is she from here? Yes. Yes. The famous Tom Snyder. Yeah, OK. I love that voice. He hated great. Somebody said the Harley Museum's gotta be on. That's an icon there. 100% Harlee. Just the shot of the sign is going to be on there. Absolutely. John Ridley. 12 years. A slave produced that film. He's a great one. Daniel J. Travanti going back for the old days of TV, Older days. Let's see what else we got here. College have a Bob Ugur Hello. I am J. Bob. He's got to be part of this right? You Yeah Services Oprah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that would work. She's going to be part of it anyway. What do you think? In some form or fashion? I would have to think so, although I think they're going to probably saving Oprah fresh like a Chicago You know whether it's wrong or right. That's right. I would have thought this one would generate as much. I mean, there's just a ton of Tony Romo. I had a voice of Burlington. How about this one? Okay. Kato Kaelin. I had him on the show. He played virtual, but I beat him in virtual baseball walked him off. Ah, Michael Shea. Got a great voice. Okay, Legend broadcast you need like a person who people know. Famous like you figured to a fate that you need. You just throw it just throw a microchip all respect to my Shay's good man. I agree when everyone knows him, 100%, But I'm just if you have a TV commercial, you just can't have an ex news anchor. Stanley, you need you need the face of a Ruffalo Romo. How did I miss this one, The late Chris Farley. Well, he can really know if he can't but man, he was good. It would be the best advocate and I don't even know what you're saying to me, Jordan. Yeah, You got it for me. This is what it should sound like. An entire state in its annual blaze of glory shows appropriate for all ages. Thiss Show eyes Pure Michigan trip begins at michigan dot org's I don't even like Michigan and I want a gold. I want to get in my car this we couldn't drive the Michigan because Tim Allen did that commercial. That's how good she mound is. That's how good their voices it's Winona Ryder. Right? Is the one who does Minnesota. I think so. Yeah, it's like debut during the Super Bowl. Didn't those air great commercials. See, I think the opposite. That makes me not want to go to Minnesota. Really? Yeah. I think I have a bias. I've got a bias against the female voice, which I obviously not fair. And in the current climate is probably wrong, but I just That's him out, played again. One more time. Just love the sound of this. An entire state. Its annual blaze of glory. Doesn't that make you want to get in your car? Just go to Miss Road? Yeah, this show It does What is in Michigan? By the way, What would you do Their home improvement, Though the ups beautiful. There was eagle fighting on. Not in the winter time. No lot of snow you gotta like, you know, you have to like outdoor activities..

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