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Intel. Evil platform Calling advisor today at 877 asked Dell and now small business setback delivered by a kind French stranger, monsieur, There was an accident during values. How do you say that? Put both Paul Gless even as an extensive network of early Bell shops. Now we're thinking about the old days. Brother. Yeah, the gap. When things go wrong with your small business, it's coming. Getting to know you have progressive commercial get a quote in as little as six minutes of progressive commercial dot com. What songs for everyone Reciprocity, insurance company affiliates covered subject policy terms and conditions. Taking a look at KSFO traffic. This report is sponsored by Allstate Tough conditions into and all because of a crash involving a big rig and three other cars blocking the connector ramp from CHF 84. To southbound 6 80. It is a cop. It is causing delays on 84 starting at Little Valley Road in Hayward on the Winton on wrapped southbound 8 80. There's a collision there that's been moved over to the right hand side. Watch out for some road hazards in San Jose and conquered versus San Jose. Couple of chairs in the two left lanes on 11 before Blossom Hill Road and then 6 80 conquered before Willow Pass Road. There's a trailer hitch in the second line from the left. Bart is reporting no delays system wide to all trains are on time looking to save money this year. Look at all state. You can get the protection you need at the low rates you want with all state, you can lower your rates, not your expectations. Visit Allstate dot com or call an agent for a quote today with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Now that you can work from anywhere, and interest rates are at historic lows. Consider the Ponderosa lifestyle friendly experts will support you with 1 to 1 attention during.

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