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Villani news director. Lorie Brooks and now from the Red Barn Studios here are your host Hal Abrahams and Judy Francis. Today he is back for his fifteenth appearance on Animal Radio. If you're a regular listener you already know who that is. That would be Mr Bob Barker. He is an amazing gentlemen. How old is he now? I think he's what ninety three ninety sharp I admire him for. You know staying active and up with his his personal causes. I I think that's remarkable and I. I hope to be of that position at his age. Young Kid and I don't know if he's still has any animals. I know he had rabbits. So we'll have to ask you about that but either usually a rabbit next to him on every phone call. We'll find out. I know they were getting up there in rabbit ears. How long does it rub? It usually live so I see him living eight to ten even twelve years. Sometimes oh prolific guys to let them roam free on the whole second floor and they would get into the TV and the cables lows. He didn't really care. I mean now. The second was further. Abbott for the rabbits absolutely But I will take a couple of your calls now and they will do some news at the bottom of the hour. Laurie what are you working on when you leave the House? I know I leave you know music or TV show on for my pets and there is a it turns out after this new research. That was released this week. One kind of music is a couple of times they don't like this one. Especially stresses dogs out who? I hope it's not the music leave. You know. Leave on classical music when I leave the house and I think that it would be calling for them. It's calming for me but we'll find out with a brand new research that Lori has done really interesting okay. We ready to go to the phones. Let's do it. Yes that's go. Hi Diane how are you? I'm fine how are you today? Good where you calling from Orlando Florida Orlando Okay. How can we help you? I found kitten female kitten and we brought her in the house because it was winter time both winter for Florida and she stayed here for a while. Actually she's living here now with Minter Spear Kitty Spirit. Kitty has swollen glands. It feel like it looked like the mumps do about it okay. So she's about how old right now then while she had her first heat so I figured she might be about six or seven months old. Okay and is she feeling sickly in any way no? She's she's very healthy she's active. She bounces around. Okay good okay. Well we have swollen lymph nodes especially in the neck area. A couple of things do come to mind One of the first things I think of in Kittens of about the ages between three and seven months of age if they can get a kind of strep infection and it's called juvenile streptococcal lymphatic night as if that's not a mouthful and then I don't know but the basically it starts as a strep infection that they get in the tonsils and it works its way to the lymph nodes in the neck so that certainly could be possibility there among other things so other things in kittens that will cause lymph nodes to be enlarged can be some viral diseases like feeling leukemia. We can also see bacterial infections Like Bartonella which are associated with cat scratch fever so any of these things I think are going to really justify trip for your veterinarian. So we can get her checked out and that might be something as I starting with getting her viral tested as well as you know getting a sample from the lymph node because that can tell us a lot there but for a lot of those things if we're not dealing with viral thing and we're talking about getting antibiotics and getting her treated appropriately so that that I feel pretty favourable about that and then we need to get this Gal Fade my goodness oh I know. I thought she was an older cat when I first brought around I went to give her some friends because they wanted to see her for the weekends. And when I did that she went into heat. And my says this is a kitten. This is not a cat. Yeah so definitely so Great that you took her in but yeah let's get her into the vet and we can all that taken care of pretty easily if it is what I think. It is all right. Thanks pave. Hey how you doing good? How are you doing today? What can we do for you? Well I was wondering if If there's a way to tell if my dog is a perfect way overweight for underweight that's a great question. Dave and I think you for asking that because I think a Lotta Times as pet owners. We think we know. Our dogs are in good weight and the actual truth is in the vast majority of the cases in my patients. They're actually overweight. So yeah and I like to share a factoid here because according to recent studies in dogs in the US thirty five to forty percent of jobs are overweight or obese. That's all that's all. That's a lot and counts are similar there about twenty five to thirty five percent of. Us cats are obese or overweight so this is a huge number and that does have implications. So I'm so glad that you bring this up because we know that obesity is going to cause our paths to have increased rates of problems like diabetes Arthritis Orthopedic Issues Skin Infections. Believe it or not. Many people are surprised by that because that excess skin from being overweight can actually be making more prone to non allergy type. You know skin infections. So it's a big issue so the number one thing that I would say is communicate with your veterinarian in our office every time we see a patient we do what we call a body condition score so we take a pets. Wait but we all also score their body condition and there's kind of two different scales for that one to five or one to nine of the two different scales but basically helps put a number at where your pets condition is so that we can measure that between different visits and different doctors potentially So that's something you can look that up online. There's one made by Sharinau but you can go to pretty much anywhere on the Internet and find a body condition score we can look at its charge and it gives the view usually from the side and from the top down. 'cause there's different ways we look at our pets. We're basically looking to see if they have a nice kind of like an hour. Glass glass figure for a pet so we want to see a little bit of tucked up in the Kind of in the abdomen area A little bit taper there. We don't WanNa see a potato shape and certainly we don't want to see kind of the torpedo shaped head of the rounded shape. So that's kind of crazy because my dog is like a tubular but she's a rottweiler shepherd. Mix So when you work at it from the top she's tubular. You look from the bottom. There's like a cut of where the back legs are but she seems very DC but strong in not overweight. You can't potentially gut at all. Yeah and I think I would probably have to see her because abnormal perfect way dog which Mike category three out of five when we actually put her hands on the ribs. We should feel ribs There may be a little bit of some shoe covering that but we actually do feel ribs and we also WANNA see that. Tuck up in the on the flank from the side And then if you're standing above we want to see a little bit of a tuck between the chest and the hips. There should be a narrowing there so if we're straight like a rectangular then I'm GonNa probably put your dog at four out of five just from what you're describing which means we're already in the overweight category so and that's where. I think you know getting a veterinary assessment is helpful And A LOT OF FOLKS. Tell me what number. How much should my pet way? And it's never about the number just like with people we hate to like you know. Label PAT says being overweight. Because they're over thirty five pounds or forty five pounds when the breed standard says they should be a different weight But the body condition score really is going to be very important for you to help figure that out in know how to alter your feedings Because that's the next step we're talk about is how to What kind of strategies do we use to just trim off a little bit of weight and this is what I do for my dog? So I I can tell you. experienced over all the years the amount of food that a pet food manufacturer tells you on the bag to feed his we over estimated. It is yes. Yes by far and I have people come in all the time and say oh you know my you know seventy five pound dog. I'm feeding you know six cups a day and that's how much the food manufacturer says and I'll be like you know what no are. They just putting that other label to sell more dog food the reason that the amounts that I think that there's a discrepancy whether or not we believe they're trying to sell more food or not. I don't know but I do believe that. We overestimate a pets. Metabolic activity. So what are they doing during the day Many pets hanging around the house. Sit on the couch bark at the mailman and they don't necessarily do a lot So if they're out doing athletic sports during running their hunting they're doing very vigorous activity. You may need to feed more of that higher. End of the feeding amount on bag dog food but The dog doesn't do that or goes for a walk twice a week or three times. A week is not getting that same level of physical activity that we might be expecting so every day count. You know more than me running to the television for the mailman. That's a good one hundred calories.

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