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Mason in Ireland ESPN LA, I Mason Ireland. That was cool. Bryan, cranston. I still don't know. How you do it? How do you get up for every single show? And then I thought you know, what he's doing eight. We're doing five I guess it's not that big a deal. Well, and I thought that was interesting point he made about about the fact that he gets a different audience every night, right? If they've never seen it before that, you know, Kobe used to say Michael Jordan used to do it too. Is that I was like go into every game thinking that there's somebody in the building that is seeing me for the first time and might never see me again. Yeah, that's true. And I would think if I was doing a play. And I'm a big of, you know, I'm a big Broadway guy. Yeah. Me too. Every time. I go to a show like even when I went to avenue, q which is twenty years old last time, we tastic show, which is basically raunchy puppets. Yup. I thought to myself, you know, what they're doing the same thing every time. But if you're looking at into an audience of people that are paying a lot of money to see it. I would think that'd be incredibly energizing. You did plays. Right. Just a couple when I was younger, and but never really got fully into it. I wanna current now would I would pretty hard on the place there for a while. Yeah. Kind of wish I would I would have. But I gotta get back on the boards. You're gonna you're gonna start acting in plays again at fifty or whatever you are absolute get back on the boards cases. Speaking of of acting. Here's my idea for the Oscars. And I have a feeling this is what they're going to end up doing. Okay, you, and I both agree that no matter who they get they could get the biggest name in the world. They could get a Dell or Oprah. Or Jack Nicholson Denzel no matter who they got. And they could write perfectly in in. You know, put on a show that person's going to get criticized. Right. Yes. That is big of an event for for that. So do it without a host simply of the PA announcer say and presenting the award for best picture, here's Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, and they walk out do their presentation. Go move onto the next thing. Could that work doing no host Oscar, I think that's probably the favorite right now for how they're going to do it. I would do it a little bit differently. I would say the Oscars should be hosted by the cast of Black Panther. So each each introduction will be done by somebody from Black Panther, whether Chadwick bozeman or lupita Longo, Michael b Jordan or Daniel Qaluwa or Angela Bassett, and you just turn it into because to me that was the. That was the cultural cinematic movie of twenty eighteen did it get nominated for best picture while the Oscar nominations are not yet. But it's definitely get nominated for best picture. And I I'm voting for it for best. Do you do your votes for the sag awards? Yeah. I do. But just for those who don't have Oscar vote. I'm voting for Black Panther for best ensemble. I think it's fantastic movie. All right..

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