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The Federal Trade Commission is issuing a warning about giving to people in the path of Florence in the aftermath of any disaster people want to help, but federal watchdogs say you need to give some thought to how and where you're donating because scammers are eager to cash in on your generous impulses. The best way to avoid supporting cheats, instead of people in need is to donate to charities you already know entrust or do some homework. Avoid what seems to have sprung up overnight be skeptical about social media campaigns. And if you're using a text to donate look up the number on the. Charity's website. I I'm Jan Johnson. A new study finds it being a bossy boss is counterproductive be nice to your employees. If you want the best results out of the to call me as possible. So says a new study from Binghamton university in New York when bosses enforce clear goals and show compassion to subordinates. It almost always pays off. If you feel your boss, actually, cares about you. You may feel more serious about the work. You do for them says the study, the researchers also found that authoritarianism dominant leadership almost always had negative results on job performance, while the Netherlands dominant leadership almost always had a positive impact on it. Matt piper. CBS news KYW news time five twenty five. Now Sunday morning business here from Bloomberg business. Steve not a lot of people actually use it yet. But topping the agenda for supermarkets..

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