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I thought the to better teams are going to win those at the end of the day. I really believe it was going to be Clemson Alabama. I didn't think Notre Dame was gonna win. But I thought they could keep it close. And it could I'm going to balance that we could have some fourth quarter excitement and wrong. And I thought Alabama was about two touchdowns better. And oklahoma. Why couldn't pick the game? They have been more than that to this point. But the Oklahoma's credit when he went down Twenty-eight not than they did come back and get to immediate scores just to show they weren't gonna quit it it could get ugly right here. At the start of the second half. Yeah. No, absolutely. And you know, I I heard you talk today about horrible. I think gyms I don't know why Jim isn't winning at Michigan? It's a great historical program and what he did at San Diego State, and what he did at Stanford. I mean, I don't think most people realize how truly bad Stanford was until Jim got there, and he just rebuilt that whole program. David Shaw keeps going but. Jim harbaugh. So I think he's a phenomenal football coach. And I think eventually he will end up in the NFL. I don't know what is called visit Michigan 'cause he was good at Stam. I, but you gotta be accountable for your entire career. He should get credit for San Jose and Stanford and San Francisco and Michigan and the fact that he can't win any late season games is on his resume to Dan. Always a pleasure. I running out of time. But we got just enough time for a MAC. Daddy, tweeted a day for my previous MAC daddy winner. He's a family fairly regular tweeter. Robert Schneider said Johnny McMahon LBJ with a glass of wine in hand is freaking LA. The folks crazy out there. It's all good though. Lots of stuff we did when we were kids. We didn't get arrested for it when we were kids. Lebron fat kid. He's an icon should know better. So sorry, if I got a pimple a little bit of he's walking in with a glass of wine into the arena. He deserves the grief. I'm going to give them Robert what you deserve.

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