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This is the kind of asset that every year wreck. So many young lives. It is called battery acid and you can buy easily from any speak, our. We will offer a liter for just fifteen Pence as started campaigning to change the law. They demanded that the sale of acid be regulated and that trials should be fast-tracked. We are gone is a big demonstration. Tomorrow, international day and thousands of men March on the street and celebrated come forward famous personalities in Bangladesh recently attended a garlic dinner to raise money for the fight against acid violence and survivors of acid attacks started to talk about as Vannes in this way created a huge movement. The campaign was a success. And in two thousand and to Bangladesh introduced a new set of tough laws. They included special tribunals to speed up criminal cases and regulations on the sale use storage import and export of asset Manila where are we now in terms of acid violence and the number of attacks in Bangladesh. This is good news. I would like to say two thousand sixteen for the first time the number came down to below fifty so yes, it's still happening, but the number has been decreased dramatically. And we have been able to prove that it is possible to eliminate acid attack. And what impact? Has the creation of this acid, survivors foundation had this has become a world model for addressing said, violence. So they were five other countries who developed similar organization, the other countries following the same sort of model that Bangladesh has created Manera mom left the foundation in two thousand thirteen she is being the recipient of many awards for her work with ASF including Amnesty International's human rights defenders award, and the world's children's prize when I'm speaking to HANA Haida finally this week, we're going to take a long walk along a truly monumental monument. It's said that the great wall of China is one of the only things on that could be clearly seen from space back in the nineteen eighties. Tourism in China was in its infancy and public knowledge about the country's rich cultural heritage, including the great wall was generally lacking. But some what determined to change that Rebecca kes-? Has been speaking to one of the three men who set out in may nineteen four on the first known mission to walk along the whole length of the ancient landmark that snakes across the mountainous Chinese northern.

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