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Assuming that you found yourself in a good situation and you've got a relationship with dc. Oh there's there's terms of engagement that have been established and you start to build out marketing so you put together your brand position. You've got a marketing strategy. You wanna make things happen and you come to that really sticky juncture or the really interesting juncture or that challenge juncture. When you've got to build a team you've got to figure out who do we hire internally because a lot of functions are being secured from third parties these days. And do we hire some from offs. I or we do we. We go with analytics. I how do you put together. That that marketing. Hr plan like what are the things that you need to consider and sort of beliefs are common approaches that that a marketing leader again what i would say. Is you know. my personal hiring. Philosophy is higher for grit. I everything else is secondary. And i really mean by that is again. A lot of people are attracted to that high growth startup or or tech company. Because it's just it's romantic. But would they don't understand is every year sometimes every six months not only does the company change but they actually have the change within the company. And that's not for everyone you need to have a growth mindset and not realize what i mean by grit someone who's passionate at really evolving as a person in there and they're they're persistent. They've got perseverance. They're willing to do the hard things when it comes to building a team. Though i mean it really depends on what the what the business is looking for. So i always think about it as the okay ours. What's what's what's the what's the objectives. What are the strategies and then build the team structure around that actually execute. But if you're asking me point blank what how would i go about a building. A team structure Number one If it was just Like a blank slate..

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