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They're all crying in that well in twenty sixteen when a lot of more voters showed up i want my election but now a special interest and of course the trump army that they put in the ads they did this during a low voter for the first of all there's one thing like to say about what happened yesterday i think a lot of people have voted yesterday kinda do know what's going on versus the dummy presidential race of two thousand sixteen with a lot of the low information people showed up because i wanna vote for hillary or i would have voted for trump and i don't know nothing about nobody else but because i like hillary and i hate trump on both the josh newman i think that's what happening is that is the lament of the loser you play the game the way it's played all right you got a high turnout election low turnout election your job is to get one more vote than the other side that's your job and it doesn't matter if it's ten people voting or a million people voting it doesn't matter the object is to win and and he got he lost fifty five thousand five hundred thirty nine votes to thirty seven thousand eight fifty so there's fifty five thousand people showed up to vote against him that by the way is a much higher percentage than the republicans have registration in the district in fact among registered voters in that district democrats have a three point advantage that you have a three point advantage in registered voters and you'll lose by by almost twenty.

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