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Who served on the joint chiefs the joint chiefs staff and the National Security Council as well I can tell much what about the way that Cedric Leighton Ellie I G. H. T. when the boards that are good to talk to happy new year to you thank you dear Jerry yeah all right so what he did the the president and and the secretary of of stated was saying that there was an eminent attack of then that's the reason they acted now we've known about this guy bad guy for a long period of time what you take and all that will give me it's you know it's it's really interesting to me if there really was given to correct them the attack is justified because of so the money that general that was killed with somebody who exercise command and control over all of the reading in efforts to go against US forces he's the one who did all the work in Syria he's the one that was Iran's main fighter against ISIS in Iraq especially but also in Syria as to this guy was extremely important to your you know with it as far as the US equivalent it's kind of hard but he's kind of like the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and with the general Petraeus type character also he was a very very important guy now the question of you know was the threat will be imminent and whether or not you know he he deserve to be taken out in this manner yeah I probably deserve to be taken out to you know from my personal point of view the question is was the timing right from a diplomatic and strategic standpoint and that that answer might be a little bit different because he is somebody that is revered in Iran Ian's use in essence coalesced a lot of the Iranian people against the United States as well as a lot of the Iraqi people especially those who are Ishii in their religion right he was also killed fifty miles away from basically the the green zone of the the the embassy that was attacked couple so we assume he was behind some of those protests they're not attack protest there is like that doesn't make sense then that there may have been he was planning something else why would be so close to this operation well that's that's a very interesting question because he came in he was there he was sanctioned delicate United States but by the U. N. and he wasn't supposed to travel internationally well according to some reports he was coming in from Syria so obviously he was he was doing so traveling there and you was allegedly supposed to be meeting with the Iraqi prime minister so you wonder I know what he was up to what kinds of things were we're going on in this way and it seems is there he is likely in my mind at least that you was planning something size so where you're to disrupt the block like that too certainly well within our rights and something that should be done when we have information that it is happening like that what was a cement pulling the strings behind Hezbollah and Hamas and all those other organizations yes now he was he was definitely behind Hezbollah and Hamas the relationship between Iran and Hezbollah goes back many many many years many decades Ian to they're basically a lenient proxies working and Lebanon today you know and areas near near and around Israel as well as of course in Syria so these guys are are very bad actors the two will launch bidding and if the so the body was say it kind of the the guy that it provides Natalie intelligence support but also operational support to these organizations of the ties between them and the one who stole the money or very very strong or were very strong indeed and so the chances are that the that C. one thirty full of American dollars that went over there he probably had a large and doling that money out to people who want to do as far absolutely any money that he got from international sources would have gone through him you know to these places a yet to these various operations so yeah he was a key player in that regard absolutely Hey at the thank you so much and exhort pleasure to speak will be have a great new year and the for talking in the future absolutely Jim it's always great to be with you again happy new year that separately it is a nice empty many gets the headline from trying to talk about unsettling dying you talk claims he's got a McDonald's hamburger bot on July seventh nineteen ninety nine million he says it's still looks relatively normal almost like you just bought it check out the story see if you believe in check out that burger I'll post in my blog Jimmy Manny's blog W. I. any dot com all right thanks buddy boy Congress's funding and back to work just like me I guess because I can't I can't complain about them but they ever get back today and of course what's on their mind impeachment the we'll talk about it a nice way to travel by twenty in Israel's extend WYO date what.

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