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Through at war games he and the velveteen dream to me had matched the night and he has been as the months have gone on a crucial part of that next he roster and a crucial part of every takeover that he's on and you know as we saw the superstar shakeup happen and we saw all these superstars get brought up to roy and smackdown both the monday after wrestlemainia in this week it becomes even more important that annex t as a great figurehead and that's who they have in the new annex t champion alastair black we spoke to him a day the day before twenty four hours before he became the annex t champion alastair black sat down at wrestlemainia media row to be a part of sam roberts wrestling podcast and this is what it sounded like it's this week's interview segment the first of two ouster black and now the sam roberts wrestling podcast interviews we here we are at wrestlemainia media row and with us is alastair black what's man the wedding it all happened yeah did you did you think that it was going to happen i mean you know you were you were obviously well known before you got here but it's also you know you were not as well known in america right like like you weren't you weren't on that path of like okay do the american indians i do the ring of honor to do whatever and then i get here like it was kind of i i was i was i was i was someone.

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