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Leading detroit by 13 in the third quarter when contagious caldwellpope dishes the ball just past half court to ball on the left side ball streaks towards the basket only the shuttle a lastsecond past while falling out of bounds towards larry nance junior perched under the weak side glass nance barely sees the ball as it floats through his hands successful nba teams establish an acute sense of telepathy and the lakers are relying on ball to cultivated but they'll have to learn to anticipate it too there's this learning process you go through when he likes to throw it where he likes to throw it says lakers center lopez he'll get the rebound catch turn and just fired all in one motion you very very rarely see that kind of vision and anticipation i can't state that enough it's such a sublime talent at that age according to second spectrum ball ranks second in the nba in pass a heads passes that travel at least thirty feet down court trailing only james harden the average time ball keeps the ball beyond the half court line is two point one eight seconds the fastest in the league among starting point guards with four hundred touches those are auspicious numbers if you're building a system as walton aspires to do that incorporates principles that have defined the offenses of the warriors and the spurs he makes it a lot easier to have by in on the type of basketball we wanna play here walton says without him i'd have to change my philosophy and i'd have to go more to a pick and roll game that's fine but what makes drafting him so nice is that he plays the way we want to play still for all the success teen such as the warriors spurs and now the celtics have achieved within a galateri in system predicated on ball movement these teams have done it with scoring point guards and as much as the lakers profess to love the way ball plays they're looking for more a savior for franchise that has fallen from its seat atop the basketball world lonzo ball pauses to mole the.

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