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Of six farewell shows over the next two weeks, along thirty three Bob Seger. Dr NewsRadio nine fifty w j now traffic and weather together on the eight on NewsRadio nine fifty w w j w w j traffic time for forty eight. Keeping an eye on the AAA jam cams in incidence to pass along at this time. Overnight roadwork in Detroit, I ninety four east and westbound between Warren and Trumbull only the right lane open between nine PM and five AM nightly through the end of the month. The I ninety four eastbound ramp to northbound ten the lodge closed through late June. Also, the ninety four westbound ramp to the lodge, south closed nightly eight PM to six AM, and I ninety four westbound under the lodge, the right lane scheduled to be closed from nine pm until five AM. I six ninety six eastbound from I seventy five to Mound Road overnight. Roadwork blocking the two left lanes until six AM 'em five each way, between eight mile and thirteen mile roadwork scheduled nightly that will close Elaine from nine pm until five AM in Rochester hills and fifty nine westbound from Adams to squirrel road. Only one lane open because of roadwork from APM until six AM nightly through Thursday and Madison heights. Northbound Stevenson highway eleven mile. Construction. Lease only one lane open in the autobahn motor group twenty four hour traffic center. I'm Jeff defriend w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Thank Jeff, now the AccuWeather forecast from the family heating cooling and electrical weather center. Here's Carl babinski on this Tuesday morning. It'll be cooler.

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