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Has a knee joint problem a damaged knee do they usually do some other therapy like you mentioned in the prior phone call P. R. P. and then do this themselves so they totally depends upon the damage it depends on how long it's been there so of course I like to examine a person but there's no doctor in the world who can see inside your knee so we really like am arise so the MRI is the ultimate test to tell us you know what your meniscus looks like front back medial lateral watcher interposed your crew shades for collateral ligaments look like so that gives us the entire picture of your knee you know sort of like when you go to the deli you know years back in your slicing meat on the Delhi it's taking slices that you could just turn and look at directly and get a phenomenal picture of what every component of your joint looks like so for some people that are very mild we might recommend P. R. P. but remember P. R. P. is not there more than a month it's a usable commodity so it can give its benefit like a foreman working on a job site if he's there and watching everybody you know they're going to get their work done because he's watching at the end of the day they handle you know look this is what I've got great okay go you know it's center so but they do not continue their replication or division they do not make offspring like stem cells do so stem cells have a very long progression of new cells being made from one cell on word but imagine two billion sells three billion cells onward so that's why that's the ultimate repair of any joint or any part of your body you know from your head down to your toes so for your brain your heart lungs liver kidney pancreas etcetera got got great videos on all the general source okay all right great thank you very much have a thank you for your.

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